Jacob + Sarah

October 25th, 2014

The life of the wife of a wedding photographer is a lonely one.  Friday nights, Saturdays, Saturday nights, Sundays – all booked, all with weddings.  I guess it’s a little bit like marrying a sailor – at least in September and October it is!  At least he doesn’t come home smelling all fishy like the sea and often comes home with a slice of that ever magical wedding cake.  So it’s not all bad.  But I guess it lends itself to me working on those days that he is away.  Which is how you find me here, at my keyboard, on a Saturday night.

We met Sarah and Jacob at an open night at our favourite venue, Moda Events Portside.  We had a great chat and I remember thinking that these guys were our people.  You know similar outlook, same sense of fun,, a perfect match.  It wasn’t too long before they came in, met with Jason again and booked us for their photography.

I always get a thrill when our couples book us – it really makes me feel so honoured and happy that they trust us to be there on their wedding day.  It’s a pretty big deal (as you guys all know) and it’s still a pretty big deal for me, all these years later, when each of you book with us.

Sarah and Jacob had been together a little over six years before Jacob proposed in the Margaret River.  Sarah, not one to let a task go on too long, took up the challenge to plan a wedding in only 7 months!!!  Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done because this wedding went off without a hitch.  The only nerves were around the dress, which arrived 3 weeks before the wedding – phew!

Sarah and Jacob also had dance lessons before the wedding (it can be a bit tricky on the day in a wedding dress and heels!)  But it all worked out though and resulted in every guest grooving on the dance floor from the moment they were able!

Thanks again guys for choosing us – it really was a day to remember!

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All of the boys suits were by Wil Valor.  I think they look mighty dashing too!

sjw0010 sjw0011

Sarah’s dress was by Stella York, her shoes were Alan Pinkus, the bridesmaids were dressed in Goddess by Nature.  Very romantic in shades of pink to complement the bouquets and flowers by Florabella Design.

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Sarah got ready at the apartments at Quay West.  Just look at the light!  Her makeup and hair was by the always amazing girls from The Powder Room.

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The ceremony was held at Newstead House on the river in the rotunda.  It was such a beautiful day!  It was officiated by celebrant Vanessa Linn from Butterfly Ceremonies.

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I have to say that Moda Events Portside looked stunning on the night.  Amazing!

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This is Matt Fasso – all round great guy and super entertainer!

sjw0068 sjw0069

Sarah and Jacob surprised their guests with fireworks at the cake cutting.  The guys are Fireworx are professional fire-heads and can’t get enough of the hot, sparkly stuff so give them a call if you are looking for that WOW factor.  It’s pretty spectacular!

sjw0070 sjw0071 sjw0072 sjw0073 sjw0074 sjw0075

Woohoo!  A conga line!!!


The groom – getting D-O-W-N at the party of the year!!


Troy + Nicole

October 16th, 2013

Under a beautiful blue sky, on a perfect sunny day, Nicole and Troy got married.  And what a day they had.  In front of all their family and friends they pledged their love and commitment to each other.  Sealed with a kiss they are now husband and wife.  It really is the stuff of fairytales isn’t it?

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