Steve + Lauren

October 28th, 2014

Hooking up, picking up, hanging out, dating – scary stuff really, isn’t it?  I know I probably don’t get many single readers here cause, let’s face it, who wants to look at wedding photos when your own wedding seems like a potential distant dream.  So very far away you can’t even imagine it.  But you know, you can meet that person anywhere, anytime.  Tomorrow, you could be walking down the street and BAM – you meet the person of your dreams and start your life together.  If not tomorrow then perhaps the next day, or the next.  If you really think about it, your husband or partner was once a stranger like the people you see on the bus, or at the grocery store, or in the library.  Complete and utter strangers.  The jump from strangers to lovers isn’t really that big if you think about it like that.  All is takes is a spark.  The story of how you fall in love gets crafted over time.  Each time you tell it you both play your parts, say each bit as rehearsed so buy the time your kids are born it is like a fair tale, a story that has its own rhythm, its own cadence, just like your love does.  Lauren is a doctor.  A dermatoloigist to be precise so you can only imagine how many people come up to her with a rash, mole or spot and ask her opinion.  It’s got to be pretty annoying, standing at a bar kicking back when a stranger comes up to you and all of a sudden they are thrusting their finger or leg in your direction asking if they are going to live!!  Occupational hazard?  You bet.  And yet, Steve, he had a rash on his elbow.  From utter strangers, to looking at his elbow to falling in love and now being married.  Seems unlikely?  Yes.  But impossible?  Never.  Love is magical that way.  Strangers to lovers – nothing strange about that.

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The boys’ suits are by Michael Innis Menswear.  Smart, sleek – a perfect fit, like Bond.  Martinis anyone?


All of the stunning flowers were by Kate Dawes Flower Design.  She is a master at work and these flowers were no exception!

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Lauren’s sweeping curls were by Therese from Stella Hair.  She did an amazing job!  Her makeup was by Misha Makeup.  Total professionals, totally awesome!

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Lauren’s dress was by the one and only Brad from Darb Couture.  Brad’s work is second to none and he makes the most beautiful gowns as you can see.  Stunning!

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Steve and Lauren’s reception was held at Mirra Private Dining in the Valley.  A wonderful location with a great private club like vibe.  And a perfect place to get your boogie on, later on…

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Brooks + Charis

September 29th, 2014

What’s that famous phrase? It takes a village to raise a child.  Well I’m here to tell you that is takes more than a village to host a wedding!!!  So many people come together to make your wedding day what it is – friends, family, wedding professionals – all working together to make your day personal and unique.  I asked Charis to send through some of the details that made her and Brooks’ day so special and it read like an Oscar’s acceptance speech.  So many people to thank, so much love.  I felt like I owed it to Brooks and Charis to reveal how thankful they were for everyone’s involvement on their special day.  In Charis’s own words here they are:

Our celebrant Paul Voge Marriage Celebrant – he did a brilliant job and we were so happy to find him. He was everything we never knew to look for in a celebrant   – it ran so smoothly – almost like we knew what we were doing!
 Our ‘chauffeur’ Locky who was going to drive us in a Wilfred outfit …but the material didn’t arrive in time.
 My grandmother, Dell Sutton, who lent me her mothers’ veil to wear – I think she was married in the 1910s – 1920s.
 Every secondhand shop between here and Maryborough – for their books and teacups. Especially the MS shop in Dutton Park!
 All the friends and family members who helped set up the collection of stuff that turned into our wedding – and helped arrange flowers with me on Saturday and string 1000 hand folded paper cranes so that Brooks and I could make a wish. Brooks also folded 1000 paper stars that went on the tables.
Other suppliers… let’s hope I remember them all!
 Hair and Makeup – Powder Room (wow, just… wow)
Dress – (vintage but beading by Venita Drennen) (Venita whipped up the beading on my dress three weeks before the wedding! There was a slight dry cleaning fail – I won’t name names – but she made it look like everything I wanted it to be!)
Venue – Lightspace (Jess was brilliant. And Lightspace… we loved it and there are no words.)
Caterer – Wine & Dine’m Catering (everything I threw at Lacee, she took in her stride. Food was fantastic – and, given the amount of times I changed the menu and the storage requests, she got it perfectly!)
Lighting – AVIdeas (Greg and Chris always make Lightspace look its best and our wedding was no exception)
Cake – Cakes by Judy C (I found an idea on Pinterest – Brooks found Judy, and Judy turned the idea into something classy and amazing!)
Tables/Chairs/Plates – Little Gray Station (their furniture was just perfect and they were so easy to work with!)
Bouquets – Artificial Floral Boutique (Danielle turned my random origami ideas into a reality.)
Barber for Brooks – The Emporium Barber
Suit for Brooks – M.J.Bale
Brooks’ Ring – Dimani Jewellery (Matt (jeweller) is an absolute lifesaver – he found us a substitute ring, resized and polished it two days before the wedding!)
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