Brendan + Leila

October 21st, 2014

I don’t often get a chance to talk to our brides about all of the planning that leads up to the big day and if they are anything like me, planning is a HUGE part of the fun.  (Hello!  I’ve been planning our Christmas menu since MARCH!!!!)  Thinking about what type of wedding you want, and then planning each details to me sounds like pure heaven.  No wonder Pinterest is so popular!  I spend WAY too much time there, pinning away to my heart’s content.  Anyway when I asked Leila to give me some of the finer details from her amazing wedding day here is what she had to say:

“I wanted to create a wedding which portrayed timeless, soft elegance. Brendan and I intended on having a relaxed formal atmosphere, while creating a uniquely personal and memorable day for all guests.  Our stationery was designed by Cara Marie Designs and really helped set the mood and get our guests excited by our upcoming nuptials.

I got ready at my parent’s home and I was surprised the morning was quite calm and I had no stress at all.  The Powder Room (who were responsible for my hair and makeup) helped us get ready and the girls did an exceptional job!

The wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful Graceville Uniting Church. It was a very personal service and there certainly were tears between Brendan and I! Our wedding reception was held in the Grand Ballroom at Brisbane’s Marriott Hotel. Alyssandra, our personal Marriott wedding coordinator, was very professional and ensured our reception was perfectly organised.  We had help with styling from Events & Settings and Styled Events who made the room look amazing!  Our wedding cake was a lemon lime coconut cake by Deliberately Delicious. And oh my goodness it was SO yum!

Brendan and our groomsmen had tailored suits and elegant ties from Studio 196. My wedding gown was designed by Stella York. It featured French lace, a crystal bridal belt and a detailed scalloped edge on the bodice. My champagne wedding shoes were by Alan Pinkus.

All the flowers were by Bouquet Boutique.  My bouquet consisted of purple hyacinths, lily of the valley, light antique roses, light purple roses, white sweet peas and freesias (the most beautiful flowers I have smelled and seen in my life!)  My brothers and sister surprised me with a stunning Swarovski bracelet as a wedding gift and Brendan received a Mont Blanc belt.

As a recently graduated milliner I had put a lot of thought into my bridal headpiece and veil. I used leftover lace and tulle from my wedding gown to design lace headpiece featured scattered moonlight Swarovski crystals with tiny arrangements of pearls.  I had designed my veil with a scalloped edge which matched the bodice of my gown perfectly.

We undertook dancing lessons at River City Ballroom, this was such a great idea as it was an enjoyable time-out together during busy weeks of work and wedding planning. Our wedding dance was a romantic Rumba and our wedding song was Keith Urban’s ‘Making Memories of Us’.  Our parents were all in tears by the end! It was definitely a favourite part of our special night! Everyone was up and dancing by the end of our song, I think it really got everyone into the mood to dance and enjoy the reception!  Our music was by GM DJ’s.

Our bonbonnieres were our family’s recipe for Dutch Ginger Shortbread. These were made by my mother and sister and were presented in a gift box monogrammed in a gold wax seal.

Thanks for sharing all the details Leila.  And thanks Brendan and Leila for choosing us as your wedding photographers!

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Johnny + Francine

October 8th, 2014

I’m not sure if I’ve told any of you guys but my favourite food in the whole wide world is pizza.  Yep, pizza.  (Ok so maybe cheesecake is too but that doesn’t really count as food, you know, like real, proper food.  It’s just a dessert which is a treat and anyone will tell you that treats aren’t really food, they are something else entirely.  So, just to be clear, my favourite treat is cheesecake and my favourite food is pizza. Glad we cleared that up, aren’t you?)  So anyway…when pizza is your favourite food you become awfully fussy about how it’s made.  For me, the base needs to be handmade, fresh, and the toppings sparse, tomato, cheese and a few basil leaves.  A purist if ever there was one!  And the best pizza is wood fired in your own pizza oven in your own backyard!!!  If you’ve never had a pizza made this way you have missed out on one of life’s best pleasures, I can assure you!  In typical fashion  I can hear you asking me, “how the heck does this have ANYTHING to do with weddings???”.  Well, when we met with Rosina, Francine’s sister, to talk about her wedding plans, she mentioned, (oh-so-casually, I might add) that Francine and Johnny’s wedding was going to be held on their parent’s property in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and that they would be serving pizza, handmade in their bakery and cooked in their wood fired pizza oven in their backyard.  MY HEAD WAS RINGING.  BANG-wedding! BANG-Sunshine coast hinterland! Bang-woodfired! Bang-PIZZA!!!!!  Whoa nelly.  I need a lie down just remembering it!!!!  It also helps that Johnny and Francine are totally gorgeous, madly in love, crazy happy with the most fun loving family and friends to boot.  Everyone pitched in on the day to create what I can only describe as something out of an old, Italian movie.  Something akin to a lovely, warm, close family dinner, long tables, laughter, flowers, good conversation.  You know what I mean?  Where everyone is smiling and laughing and filling the air with their well-wishing and love.   And I can attest that pizza, pizza, people, it adds that little something special.  Firstly it is made with simple pure ingredients, just like love, ingredients like honesty, trust, happiness.  Then it is topped with the richness that life has to offer – experiences, learnings, growth.  And then, then it is shared, slice by slice.  Exactly how life should be shared.  Pizza is a metaphor for life and a metaphor for love.  And really, super tasty!  So now that I have talked about life, love and pizza enjoy Johnny and Francine’s beautiful wedding!

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All of the amazing flowers were done by Francine herself through her floristry business, Blooms by Mickey + Frankie.  Stunning!

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