Vintage Advantage

December 1st, 2010

I haven’t done an outfit post in a while and to be honest – I’m not quite sure if you like them.  I just think that because I don’t get many comments about them.  As you can imagine they are very hard to do.  Firstly, I have to feel like having my picture taken (it seems more likely that I would feel like having root canal but having a photographer for a husband and photoshop help).  Secondly, I have to choose an outfit that I like (I mean how impossible is that???)  Then lastly, I have to fight with Jason about how I want it shot.  I am keen for the same-same look but he always wants to do something different, push the envelope, take it up a notch.  Must have something to do with his adventurous nature but, you know, once you find a pose that flatters you then really, why change it?  Here is my uniform these days – give or take the bicycle – striped top, jeans leggings and flats.  An interesting aside I should mention (and this is for my mum who reads this much to my consternation) is that this top was originally my mother’s and is as old as I am.  It is somewhat falling apart but I think it gives it that worn-in rock-and-roll look all the kids are wearing these days.  And it is lucky to have survived because I am one of those girls that systematically and religiously throws things out that I don’t wear or don’t like anymore.  I have never lived in a place with any sort of storage so I need to keep my wardrobe pared back to a minimum.  That is why I am amazed this top has survived any number of ruthless trashing sessions.  I imagine it will be one of those rare pieces of clothing that really will just fall apart.  What pieces of clothing have you owned that you have worn to death?


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