Thomas + Emily

September 19th, 2011

We had one of those crazy, impromptu dinners last night with a bunch of our rowdy friends.  You know the kind of dinners – the ones where it doesn’t matter what you are eating and everyone talks over the top of each other and raucous and spontaneous laughter abounds.  Although we were all having a great time it really was the boys that took it to a whole new level.  I don’t have brothers so this kind of merciless bagging and incessant chatter about nothing is kind of new to me.  Seriously, the full-on rubbish they talk about – whoa nelly!  It was overwhelming.  I can’t believe they think they can give us a hard time about the stuff we talk about – they are far, far worse!  Apparently it has been said that Thomas and his two brothers have a name for this type of talk – it’s called Booth Banter.  I reckon that sounds like an onomatopoeia – you can just imagine what is discussed in Booth Banter, can’t you?  And I am also told that Emily’s ability to handle and join in with this Booth Banter was the icing on the cake, so to say, that solidified Thomas and Emily’s love.  Well Emily – my hat’s off to you – because after last night and the crazy tomfoolery that was going on, you have won my utmost admiration and respect.  Word, sister!

The Booth boys with their Booth Banter!

I love Happy Socks!!

And bow ties!!!

And the deed is done.

Would that be Booth Banter again???



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