An ode to cheese

June 5th, 2014

Well, hello there!  I know I have been pretty quiet round these parts and for that, I am truly sorry.  I have some great weddings to show you but first, something a little more dear to my heart.  (I’m pretty sure most of our brides would understand! It’s food people! Food!)  We recently had the pleasure of shooting for the Woombye Cheese Company.  A local, artisanal cheese company situated in the sunshine Coast hinterland, Woombye Cheese Company make some amazing and tasty products.   I love cheese so I could hardly contain myself when boxes and boxes of camembert, blue, brie, washed rind, marinated feta and truffle brie arrived!  Given it is almost lunchtime, I thought you all might want to have a look at the results. Even now I look at these images and it makes my stomach rumble.  I have tasted (and tasted) all of these cheeses and they are so delicious, if you are wanting something special and local for your cheese platter, look out for them, buy them, and eat them.  Ah, lovely, scrumptious, delicious cheese!

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