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February 4th, 2014

I remember the morning of our wedding.  I got up really early, stressed about seating plans (as you do) and was racking my brain trying to figure out if I could get to the venue before everyone else so I could make sure I had the right people sitting next to the right people.  You see, we got married at midday so I had my whole morning tied up with hair and makeup yet, there I was, trying to rework the schedule in my mind to see if I could squeeze in an extra 30 minutes into the morning so I could lay out the place cards and check the venue.  Needless to say I didn’t, and needless to say there were some, well, unusual table groupings! (It didn’t help that they completely changed the layout of the tables now did it?!)  In hindsight I wish I had had someone who could help me out, someone who I trusted with the same level of, um, perfectionism who could get the job done so I was able to spend those last few hours thinking about, oh I don;’t know, getting married.  Wedding planners really offer this service, and more, on one of the more complicated and organised days of your life.  Would you run a marathon without coaching? No! Then you shouldn’t get married without a planner.  And white+white weddings and events are one of the best!  They take your ideas and turn them into a reality, and take all the stress and organisational chaos out of it so all you have to do is enjoy the day.  I sat down with Danielle, Director and Master Planner from white+white to talk about how she works her magic!


Here are some amazing photographs of Andrew and Tegan‘s wedding, styled by white+white.


And the amazing Alex and Nadia‘s wedding as well…


How did you become a wedding and events planner? Great question, I get asked this question quite regularly. I have a background in Marketing and Events for corporate companies here in Australia and in London. After assisting a friend with her wedding in Fiji, I realised my skill set matched those of a wedding planner. So after doing some research and working with some amazing wedding planning businesses in the U.S. and locally, I started white+white and have never looked back!

What does your job entail? My job is very varied … let’s just say I have never had a ground hog day!  I spend my days chatting to suppliers and couples about all things weddings, meeting newly engaged couples and starting the planning process with them, pulling together styling concepts, visiting new venues and it doesn’t stop there. We regularly participate in venue open nights around town, organise wedding schools and showcases, direct styling shoots and chat to media and the wedding world via instagram, facebook and blogs about current wedding trends, inspiration and general wedding news.

How do you work with brides? With offer our couples primarily three degrees of planning service which includes:

Full Planning –  This is our most comprehensive and popular package with our couples enjoying the planning process from start to finish. It includes everything from finding the perfect ceremony setting and reception, recommending quality suppliers, concept design and coordination.

Petite Planning – Perfect for the couple that want to plan their own wedding however just need a little direction and assistance with their overall wedding style and vision and pulling the wedding together, ensuring the day runs smoothly.

On the Day Coordination – This package is a great solution for alleviating wedding day anxiety.  We take the stress out of our couple’s big day, leaving time for them to relax and enjoy the day. We will also provide assistance to family and friends so they can have a fabulous day too!

We also offer a Destination Planning service for those couples looking for a dreamy wedding away.

What is your favourite part of your job? I love the whole process. From meeting the couple, to bringing their ideas into fruition and seeing their faces as they enter the reception room. We have seen tears on many occasions (tears of joy that is :)).

What is the most challenging part? I would say the long hours and working weekends would have to the biggest downfall of the job. Often I miss out attending my own family and friends special events and milestones.

What happens if something doesn’t go to plan? The show must go on. We troubleshoot best we can on the job to ensure any minor hiccup is quickly rectified. However a lot of pre-planning means there is limited room for error but some things are simply out of your control. Most of this is down to unpredictable weather but we try and sun dance the clouds and rain away as much as we can!

What does a wedding mean to you? Wedding to me is a commitment to one another in front of family and friends. A celebration of the coming together of two beautiful people to create a new family and new memories.  Our weddings are special because they are all completely individual. No two weddings are the same and this makes them what they are. We plan our weddings with a lot of laughter and always want to push the boundaries of wedding design by looking at fashion, interiors and travel for inspiration. We also take the time to really get to know our clients so we can produce their dream wedding. We end up great friends and that, to us, is what makes it special.

What are the five top things that really make a wedding?1. The couple – personality, their love for one another and their unique style. This has to shine above everything else. 2. Ambience – Lighting is so important when setting the mood for the night. 3. Food – Getting creative with the food such as having grazing and food stations which almost create a mini festival vibe at a wedding are some of our favourites! 4. Music – Music really sets the tone for the wedding. It gets everyone up and dancing and that’s some of the best memories for guests to take away with them. 5. The look – it is important to white+white to inject the couples’s personality and style into their wedding to make it unique and memorable for the couple and their guests. We spend hours upon hours researching the future trends of fashion, interior and travel industries so that we don’t reproduce just any old wedding look.

What has been your favourite wedding to date? We have so many it’s hard to choose! One that sticks out in our mind is Nadia and Alex‘s wedding held at Lightspace in Brisbane. They had a kitsch 1940s theme mixed with English high tea and a rustic garden that shouldn’t have worked but it did! We had wooden ladders suspended above the tables, with amazing florals hanging down to give a stunning result! A flamingo cake and huge theatre style LOVE letters made it even more special.

Alex + Nadia

January 30th, 2014

One of the great things about weddings these days is that anything is possible. And by anything, I mean ANYTHING. Fireworks, floral arches, kombi cars, cigar bars, marquees, lion tamers (ok – so the last one isn’t readily available but I’ll bet if you want it, you can get it.) Anything you can think of, you can have. But with that kind of choice comes the important need to edit. We are all culprits of bad editing (Hello!!! Wardrobe!!!! Sixteen pairs of shoes when I only wear 5!) How many times have you wanted something, got it and then never used it? It’s hard to know what to say yes to and what to say “I love you, I want you, but not this time”.  Given you only have one wedding, it can be pretty hard to say no to things you have dreamed of that really, if you are honest with yourself, should remain there, in your dreams. That is where a really good planner can come into play! They help you hone your vision, keep all the bits you want that scream who you are as a couple, while editing out the crazy but amazing ideas that should stay on your pinterest page. white + white weddings and events do just that. The wedding of Alex and Nadia just oozed personal, sentimental and quirky style – it reflected the couple to a ‘t’. Each addition to the wedding only reinforced the couple’s loves and in turn, created a wedding that was so meaningful and fun loving. To start take the invitation designed by the amazing Cara Marie Designs. Based around the traditional Mexican papel picado (paper cut out) design but with a deeply personal nod. The scene depicted is of a couple at a church with two dogs in a garden. The background paper was a digital print of Nadia’s grandmother’s floral wedding dress from the 30s.   This Mexican theme was also echoed in the bunting at the reception as well as the authentic Mexican wrestling masks the groomsmen doned while getting ready (boys will always be boys).  Although the boys donned more traditional suits (by Wil Valor) they did add some floral, Mad men-esque madness by way of their bowties by Pomp and Ceremony.  Nadia was simply stunning in her Monique Lhuillier gown and matching veil (the embroidery was breathtaking) and her bridesmaids dressed in mismatched 50’s party frocks referencing Nadia’s grandmother’s wedding dress and keeping with theme of vintage garden party. Mixing these seemingly random but meaningful elements to produce one amazing event really highlights the skill that  white + white weddings and events have at making your wedding dreams come true.  Attended by their family and friends (and their beloved dogs Brutus and Castro) Alex and Nadia wed at the Holy Trinity church in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.  On her way to the reception, Nadia added a colourful floral necklace and fur wrap to help ‘get the party started’. While photographs were being taken with the bride and groom, guests mingled at Brisbane’s Lightspace which had been transformed into vintage themed high tea party complete with white picket fences, flamingoes and astroturf (props supplied by Events and Heidi and Kate). Love was all around and actually up in lights! As guests moved into the formal dining area they were met with, quite simply, a floral wonderland. Astroturf table runners, mismatched retro chairs, cutlery and crockery and the MOST AMAZING suspended floral ladders designed by the floral masters, Green and Bloom. All the great retro blackboards were done by Blackboard Artworx.  Flowers, colour, love and laughter – each and every detail added to the magic of Alex and Nadia’s wedding. As a parting gift, Nadia chose sweet, retro salt and pepper shakers.  Nadia’s grandfather used to buy her grandmother salt and pepper shakers whenever he was away from home for work – a little romantic gesture over a lifetime of love.  “We got together like salt and pepper”.  Yes you do, Alex and Nadia!

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