One shot – Greg + Linh

June 3rd, 2013

Given that I am on a blogging roll, I thought I would share just one shot from Greg and Linh’s beautiful wedding on the weekend.  Congratulations guys!  It was magnificent!

PS There were fireworks, and I don’t just mean between the couple, if you know what I’m saying…

Brisbane Wedding Photography – Josh + Jerry’s Tea Ceremony

May 18th, 2012

I have been trying to figure out a way to include all of my favourite photos from Josh and Jerry’s wedding into one post.  You see, there are quite a few and I was worried that if I put them all into one long post your computer would crash!  So I give you Josh and Jerry part one – the tea ceremony.  The tea ceremony happened before the traditional wedding we know, and is a big part of Jerry’s Vietnamese/Chinese culture.  I love how giving it is, from groom to bride, and bride to groom, from the couple to their parents and families.  Even the children have a role.  I love how respectful it is.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to Jerry about all the little things that happen in the ceremony and what each one means but I thought I would show you my favourite parts from the day.

The wedding day started for Jason at about 7.30am with the boys but the girls would have started much, much earlier.

After photographs the boys are off – on their way, with Josh’s parents and a whole PIG (yes, you read that right) to seek Jerry’s hand in marriage.  Josh cuts a very fine figure so I’m hoping he is successful but we’ll have to wait and see!!

Jerry has two gowns for the day – this first one is the traditional Vietnamese red dress.  She looks so lovely, waiting for Josh to arrive…

The altar is prepared and the family are now waiting.  Josh has to convince them too that he is Jerry’s perfect match!

Josh finally arrives and is met by one of the family members bearing tea to drink.  An offering is also made.  (How cute is this family member!!!  I am a sucker for a child in a waistcoat and tie!)

That there is a whole PIG!!!  Now that is what I call a gift (I mean, if I wasn’t a vegetarian…)  How spectacular!!

Now that Josh has been allowed in he has to show Jerry that he is worthy.  He makes an offering to the bridesmaids asking for Jerry’s hand…

but they are not convinced.  They ask what else he has to offer her and he says his strong hands… (I am glad I wasn’t there because I would have burst into tears.  How beautiful and romantic!)

Jerry accepts!!

The incense is lit…

A blessing is sought…

And tea is served to each family member.

It is such a beautiful and traditional ceremony.  I wish I had something like that on my wedding day.  I tell you, if Jason offered me his strong hands…I would have melted!!!  I promise to get the second part to you guys next week.


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