Brad + Susie

March 11th, 2014

I’m pretty sure if you have been visiting here for a long time you will know that we are certified ‘dog people’.  Not that there is anything wrong with cats, but, if push came to shove, both Jason and I would choose a tail-wagging, bone-chewing, running-in-circles-just-because-you-are-home dog.  I have often wondered if we don’t subconsciously attract other ‘dog people’, as clients particularly, given how many of them have their dogs feature in their weddings!  It is a tribe we all belong to, the Dog Club, or the DC.  Maybe we should get a special handshake and a club (dog?) house.  We didn’t have Crinkle when we got married but I know I would have included her somehow.  It would feel wrong not too!  She’s such a part of our family I couldn’t imagine her sitting at home missing out on all the fun and pats and, inevitable treats.  Brad and Susie are not only part of our club but they are card carrying, fully paid members.  I have never seen a bride let her dog, Cooper, sit on her dress before the ceremony, she also let him jump up on her dress at the signing of the register, Brad even held him in his lap for pictures!  All I can say is Brad and Susie are truly good sorts.  The best kind of sort.  Oh, and (because this is a real wedding post after all) they are in love, like the real kind of love – you know the kind that will drive in the pouring rain to four different grocery stores to get the right kind of juice that you believe (foolishly) has magical powers and will cure your sore throat.  Or stand around for three full hours while you try on every dress, jumpsuit, outfit combination in the shop – some even TWICE – trying to work out which makes you look skinny, which bag, shoes, coat they will go with for your best friend’s party.  That kind of love.  The good kind of love.  Maybe I have figured something out here – Dog Club people = Good sort people = Good love people!  Brad and Susie.  Good Dog Sort Love People!

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Dan + Amy

January 23rd, 2014

Welcome 2014!  I know it has been pretty quiet around here but I can assure you we have been working hard, day and night.  There has also been some major downtime too which was much needed.  I know the rhetoric other wedding photographers spout is “my life is awesome” and “I can’t believe I get to travel to all these amazing places” and “I love my job” but for us we work HARD.  Long hours, after hours, weekends and nights.  We love what we do but sometime you need a holiday, yeah?  Sitting very, very still, listening to the waves and thinking about ab-solute-ly nothing.  So for the first time in 7 years we did just that.  Thanks for letting us step away, but we are back, and back with the most amazing wedding EVER.

Dan and Amy are both doctors (and stupid, crazy busy) so getting them together has been near impossible.  I was secretly joking that they may have to skype their wedding vows but, amazingly, on a ridiculously, beautiful day in October last year, the planets aligned and they got married.  Dan’s from Canada so many of his family and friends travelled a long way to attend the wedding and I think they would have been pretty amazed at the beauty of the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  The day was simply perfect, sunny blue skies for miles around.  Dan and Amy chose Yandina Station as their venue both for the ceremony and reception.  Guys – if you are looking for a venue with a difference you can’t look any further than Yandina Station. Established as a cattle run in the early 1850s, Yandina Station has, in its fomer life, been a stop along the old Cobb and Co route to the goldfields of Gympie, a cattle and dairy farm, a restaurant and now a cattle stud and, hands down, the most amazing wedding venue you’ll ever see.  Charm oozes from every corner.  It is a photographer’s dream.

Dan and the boys got ready in Sunshine Beach.  Totally relaxed and chilled out, they hung out by the pool before getting dressed.  Dan and his family are all seasoned sailors so it seemed logical to be as close to the sea as possible. (I’m sure they would have been happy to be actually on the sea but it’s hard to find a big enough boat!)

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Amy wore the most amazing dress by Alter Ego which had the perfect amount of swish and swirl without being over the top.  I love the tiny, lacy ruffle at the neckline – so chic and ladylike.  Amy’s makeup was by Anna Lehmann and her hair by Andrew from Envy Hair.  Both did a wonderful job keeping her look simple and just letting her natural beauty shine on the day.  Her stunning flowers by Mondo Floral Designs were simply amazing and reinforced that classic, country romance look that the wonderful and capable planners, Style Le Aisle nailed on the day – BIG TIME.  Her beautiful bridesmaids were in Zimmerman.

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At the ceremony, surrounded by their family and friends, with the rolling hills of Yandina Creek as their backdrop (plus some beautiful styled elements by Mondo Floral Designs and Style Le Aisle) the celebrant, Jo Lincolne from Big Love Weddings kept it happy and light.  Dan and Amy just radiated happiness and joy.  There really is nothing more special than getting married to your best friend, in front of the people you love.  Nothing.

At the reception in the beautiful barn, the guests ate amazing food and partied the night away dancing to the soulful, funky sounds of Capitol Groove.

Everything was perfect and it seemed like it couldn’t get any better – and then it did.  The clouds parted and out came the most beautiful, stunning full moon.  WOW.  Congratulations Dan and Amy and thank you so much for choosing us.  It was spectacular!

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