Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography – Andrew + Emily

April 5th, 2013

Andrew and Emily’s wedding was located at the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  That is a place so very dear to my heart.  It was where we spent our languid Christmas holidays when i was a child, it was where I married my lovely husband all those many years ago, and it is now where we own a tiny little flat with our own, very small, ocean glimpses.  It is incredibly dear to Andrew and Emily’s hearts too – Andrew, grew up here and is a keen surfer and knows these breaks like the back of his hand, while Emily’s family live on the water, close to the sea.  You could say it’s their home away from home.  I could say it’s just their home.  Although the weather wasn’t up to its usual sparkly self, this wedding was just so lovely and beautiful.  Calm, elegant, serene with enough love and well wishing to fill the ocean.  Congratulations Andrew and Emily.  Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

When you are a surfer, nothing will stop you from hitting the waves.  Andrew had a bracing, quick surf the morning of his wedding day.  Looks freezing to me!

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography – Peter + Mary

October 8th, 2012

I have been sitting at my computer for the last 30 mins lost for words.  You guys who know me will understand how shocking that is – me, lost for words?  I look at these stunning photographs and I am not sure what else I can say in words that isn’t already here in pictures.  This wedding just grabbed me, hook, line and sinker, right from the first frame.  Everywhere you look there is so much love and laughter and joy.  Mary’s face – lit-from-within, happiness glow – and Peter – uncontainable joy.  Every family member and friend – each expressing their own excitement blended with just the right amount of craziness and fun.  Where two rivers meet the sea – weddings bring two families together, forever, stronger and better.  So I’ll just sit here, on this Monday morning, basking in this beautiful moment of Mary and Peter.  Congratulations guys!  Congratulations!

The amazing styling was done by the fabulous team at Amini Concepts.

There really isn’t anything better than a great best man’s speech, don’t you think?  Pure photographic joy!


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