Leo + Carolyn Engagement Portrait

October 31st, 2011

Can you hear the fanfare?  The trumpets?  The drums?  Well if not, you should because this, dear readers is my 200th post.  I seriously can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I have sat down here at my computer and stared at this blank screen 200 times.  If you think about it, doing 200 of anything adds up to a whole lot – think about it – imagine doing 200 sit ups, or reading 200 books, or cooking 200 meals – see what I mean?  When I started this blog I wasn’t really sure what it would be – to me and to you – and I guess 200 posts in I’m still not completely sure.  I guess it is a lot like life really – you head out to achieve something and, almost by accident, you manage to achieve a bunch of other things along the way.  I guess this space will continue to evolve and change and I hope you will come along for the ride with me…I sure would appreciate that.

I am also so happy that my 200th post happened to be an engagement portrait because, if there is something I have said here a number of times before, there really is something so very special about engagement portraits.  While I know a lot of you come here to check out our real weddings, to get ideas for styling and shoes and dresses and flowers (and don’t get me wrong because I love a wedding as much as the next girl) but there really is something so lovely about that time when you are engaged.  If I had to put my finger on it I would have to say that it is the general lack of fanfare that really sucks me in.  The simplicity and honesty.  These portraits are usually just the couple themselves – no family, no stress, no timetable to meet.  Just the two of them (and Jason, of course).  I’m sure Leo and Carolyn had a great time at their portrait – they sure look like they did – and I’m sure they will look at these photos in years to come as a reminder of that special time they had before they got married, before they made that amazing, crazy, magical step to be together, forever.

Damien + Alison

September 8th, 2011

Funny thing about blog writing – you can see from your site statistics that people are reading it but no one ever comments!  My friend Kara and I talk about it a lot, you just throw out all this energy and nothing.  I would love to hear from you all – I would love to start chatting about what makeup you like, what clothes you wear, what food you cook and of course, your wedding day plans.  I’m always up for a a chat – ask anyone.  I found out the other day that Alison reads my blog – she hasn’t commented yet – but I’m thinking that will most certainly change when she sees this post!  I promised her that we would post her engagement portrait but we are that far behind on blogging that I leap frogged over that and got straight down to the business end.  Their wedding was simply beautiful and a real expression of who Alison and Damien are as people.  These real weddings are the stuff of magic…don’t you all agree? (See – now all you have to do is comment yes or no – c’mon people???)

In my craziness to get this post done I forgot to add that Damien and Alison engaged the fabulous With Love Weddings to produce their wedding stationery.  Jackie does such great stationery – if you are looking for invitations and the like I would highly recommend her.  Her blog is great too.  Having met the couple and worked with them to design their invitations, I can see why Jackie is desperate to see their photos – after talking about their plans it is nice to see them all come to fruition.


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