Damien + Alison

September 8th, 2011

Funny thing about blog writing – you can see from your site statistics that people are reading it but no one ever comments!  My friend Kara and I talk about it a lot, you just throw out all this energy and nothing.  I would love to hear from you all – I would love to start chatting about what makeup you like, what clothes you wear, what food you cook and of course, your wedding day plans.  I’m always up for a a chat – ask anyone.  I found out the other day that Alison reads my blog – she hasn’t commented yet – but I’m thinking that will most certainly change when she sees this post!  I promised her that we would post her engagement portrait but we are that far behind on blogging that I leap frogged over that and got straight down to the business end.  Their wedding was simply beautiful and a real expression of who Alison and Damien are as people.  These real weddings are the stuff of magic…don’t you all agree? (See – now all you have to do is comment yes or no – c’mon people???)

In my craziness to get this post done I forgot to add that Damien and Alison engaged the fabulous With Love Weddings to produce their wedding stationery.  Jackie does such great stationery – if you are looking for invitations and the like I would highly recommend her.  Her blog is great too.  Having met the couple and worked with them to design their invitations, I can see why Jackie is desperate to see their photos – after talking about their plans it is nice to see them all come to fruition.

Thomas + Emily Engagement Portrait

June 6th, 2011

I remember way back when I was in primary school there was this elaborate, complicated way you worked out if the boy you were keen on and you were going to be together, forever. I remember it had something to do with writing your names down and crossing off the letters you had in common and adding the letters up but after that I go a bit dim (maths does that to me) but somehow you worked out a percentage of how likely you were to be together, forever. I remember it was ALWAYS me and Kevin Bacon – together, forever!  Kevin and I weren’t meant to be – we always got something like 24% but still I held out hope.  It is pretty important stuff really when you think about it? I mean how do you know that you’ll be together, forever.  Common interests, same values, laughing together – sure, but that simple act of adding and subtracting the letters of your name was pretty powerful stuff.  Well in the interests of research, I recently found the outrageously accurate Love Calculator.  Not only is it worked out by a real doctor – Doctor Love, of course – but you also only have to type in your names and BAM there is your percentage.  (No more complicated maths!  Yippee!!)  Jason and I – BAM – 86% – pretty spectacular non?  Me and Kevin Bacon – a pitiful 18%.  Guess I found the right guy after all…however if I found out Kevin’s middle name would it work out better for us?


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