Short and Stout

May 12th, 2011

I don’t know about you guys but I have been eating myself stupid these past few days.  Something about this crazy, cold, windy weather just makes me want to hoover a whole bag of salted cashews (just finished one while typing!!!) and then top it off with many (4, but who’s counting) slices of buttery toast with heaps of jam!!!  I am feeling like my pants are going to BURST open at the slightest movement so something drastic has to be done.  Kelly from My Little Teapot came around the other day for a photo shoot and it got me thinking that maybe all this eating could be replaced by drinking – not the alcoholic variety, you party girls, you – but perhaps with something warm, refreshing and good for me instead!  Hurrah for TEA!  My Little Teapot specialises in flowering teas and Kelly, the sweetheart, left a bag of my absolute favourite tea, Buddha’s Tears, for my to have.

This is a tea made from the young leaves of the white pekoe plant which is harvested and then hand rolled into tiny rounds.  Once you add hot water it unfurls and releases a very refreshing and mild jasmine flavoured tea.  It is very subtle tea and great for sipping slowly throughout the day.  I know, I know – I haven’t been too much of a tea supporter in my past (having positively bagged it in previous posts)  but now that I have a nice, big stash of Buddha’s Tears I am willing to give it a good, solid go.  I’ll report back and let you know if I feel calmer (and thinner) because of it…fingers crossed!

I should also mention that My Little Teapot are now doing bomboniere so why not give your guests some lovely tea as a way of saying thanks – what a great idea!!


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