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May 16th, 2011

One of our recent weddings, Troy and Fiona, had the most amazing vintage elements throughout – from the stationery in the form of save-the-date hankies to the beautiful old-style flowers to the homemade chutney as the bonbomiere.  The comments on our post show how many of the guests enjoyed the full experience and how many noticed each and every element of Troy and Fiona’s big day.  Luckily we know the event stylist very, very well – the lovely Kelly Starr from Amini Concepts.  Not only is Kelly super great at what she does (just check out their website) but she is also my sister-in-law!  These Starrs are pretty creative don’t you think?  Given the great response we had to Troy and Fiona‘s post I thought it would be great to ask her a few questions about styling events and to get her take on where things are heading for this year…

How did you get into styling events?

My background was in visual merchandising in the fashion industry and I really enjoyed creating ideas that excite people and draw them into stores.  Styling events is similar because it is developing a concept from scratch for one night with the aim to target all of the 5 senses and to connect emotionally with the client and their guests.

What does your job entail?

Of course there is the day to day logistics of getting the event done (like meeting clients, sourcing equipment and managing and training staff) but I spend most of my time working with clients to develop a creative concept that they are happy with.  The other main consideration is keeping that concept within a set budget.  I also spend a lot of time researching new trends and developing new ideas for future events.

What aspects are included in styling ‐ is it just the table decorations or it is so much more?

A lot of people think it is just decorations but it can be so much more!  For me, styling includes the complete venue, visual installation.  Front entrance, focal points, table styling, lounge and outside areas, ceremonies and locations – everything should be considered.  It is great to think about how your guests will experience your event and make sure you excite, delight and surprise them through the whole night.

How do you start when you are styling an event?

We sit down with the client and they brief us on the scale and size of the event and we discuss the style and budget. From there we develop a creative concept including a quote and a detailed styling brief that we present back to them for their consideration.  Once it is approved it is all systems go!

What is the favourite part of your job?

Developing new ideas and concepts and then making these a reality!  There really is nothing better than looking at the venue where you are holding the event that you have spent months planning and realising it is exactly how you imagined it!  Plus working with great clients and seeing their faces when they walk into the event for the first time – it is a fantastic buzz.

What is the worst part of your job?

Cleaning the equipment after the event.  I mean, who likes cleaning?

For brides what will be the big bridal trends for 2011 ‐ 2012?

Style Trend: Vintage is BIG at the moment – for example old wooden doors and frames with glass vintage vases and mixed blooms.

Colour Palettes: Shades of plums and purples.  Dirty pinks and Lattes are also a popular choice.

Thanks Kelly!

Brisbane Wedding Photography – Troy + Fiona

May 9th, 2011

There is so much to say about this wedding, I’m not really sure where to start.  I could, perhaps, start at the beginning, with them falling in love at the tender age of 14; or maybe I could focus on the many beautiful family and friends who have loved and supported the couple through their hardships and joys; or we could focus on the oodles of vintage style this wedding had; or I could just keep it light with the crazy dance moves hitting the floor throughout the night. However, at the end of the day, I think the most important thing you should walk away knowing is that if someone asks you to take out their cousin – JUST SAY YES!  Troy and Fiona have a lovely honeymoon and we’ll see you when you get back but be prepared – there are 6,000 fantastic photos for you to look through…

The beautiful makeup was by Donna Sullivan – but with a face like Fiona’s it would be pretty easy!

Fiona’s mum looked stunning – I mean they ALL did of course, but what a mother of the bride!!!

The celebrant was the fabulous Natasha Lewis.  She did such a wonderful job on the day.  Clearly a romantic at heart!

Fiona and Troy wrote a message to each other on the day on their beautiful, vintage handkerchiefs (which they used for their Save the Date cards) and sealed it in an envelope to read to each other on their one year anniversary.  Your wedding day can be such a whirl of a day this is a great idea for the couple to stop and think about each other.  I am so impatient I would have ripped those things open the very next day!!!

Such a gorgeous wedding party – and those colours – the combination screams vintage chic!

At the reception each of the tables were named after one of the couple’s favourite songs and when the DJ, Gary Evans, played the song, the whole table had to get up and dance!  Now that is the way to get the party started.

Beautiful vintage details were throughout the reception, from the apple garlands to the string lights to the old style sweet table.  Amini Concepts were engaged to produce the styling and the flowers were by Mary Rose Loff.  Seriously what a stunning job!

The sweet table had a sweet view from the Marriott Hotel.

Now that is what I call brave – alcohol and fire don’t necessarily mix very well now do they?


Studio Sixty Photography is Brisbane wedding photographer Jason Starr, and studio manager Sally Ogilvie.

Well known for creative, natural, candid photographs of both local and international weddings, Studio Sixty Photography is capturing now and forever.

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