Nothing But a Birthday

May 14th, 2012

I wasn’t sure about doing this post because I am so far behind on my blogging schedule that I celebrated my birthday two weeks ago and am only now able to blog about it.  But, you know, I realised that I have been so busy blogging weddings and portraits and engagements that I have lost my way a little.  Although this blog was always designed to be a showcase for Jason’s work – I also wanted it to “pull back the curtain” so to speak, to show you all a little about us, who we are and what we spend our non-working time doing.  (The lack of non-working tyle posts is probably because we haven’t had much non-working time, but hey – who can complain a out that?)  Therefore I promise that I will do a few more posts about food and fun – not just all work, work WORK!  My birthday falls in between my mother’s birthday, Jason’s birthday and Mother’s Day so it is really just a two week long festive of eating and drinking.  (Not so good for the waistline and needless to say I am now paying for it.  Really, is there nothing worse than not being able to do up your jeans??)  Jason loves a birthday celebration (as long as it’s not his own – he is a total birthday grinch!) and most of the time it is an over-the-top day of appointments and experiences and food.  But this year I really just wanted to putter about, doing pretty much nothing.  You see, even though we work together every day, we don’t actually get to spend much chilled out time together so sometimes it is just nice to do what most couples do, hang out aimlessly.  Here is my day of nothing…

First stop – Pearl Cafe…I have spoken previously about my love of their cheesecake but there was none on offer so we went with something smaller…

Chocolate cherry slice.  And yes, for breakfast – don’t judge me.  It was seriously good.  That and one of my presents from Jason…the ring not the slice!

Obligatory birthday shot.  Moving on…

Right next door to Pearl Cafe is one of my favourite stores, Miss Mouse.  They are actually moving now to an online store so I wanted to see what stock was left and say goodbye.

It was here that I found the perfect red nail polish – my all time favourite – MonSooner or Later by OPI.

We then walked down the road to the little second hand furniture stores in Woolloongabba.  I really want a bigger sideboard for our living room so why not try our luck?

Jason doesn’t quite understand my love of West German pottery but I’m sure he’ll come around – eventually.

No joy with the sideboard I’m afraid but I was feeling a little hungry by this stage and Jason really wanted me to have cake (or, um,  him to have cake) so we thought “let’s head over the James Street to Jocelyn Provisions for a touch more sugar”.

Both chocolate and…

And vanilla.  I really am straining to get that sucker in aren’t I?  And about now you are starting to understand why my jeans won’t fit.  Thank goodness for stretch denim!

Taken while trying to walk off the calories just consumed.

I’m trying to find the perfect dress to my friend’s wedding this year so we quickly popped in to EP by Easton Pearson to have a look.  I loved the straw on the ground.

Finally home to a homemade pizza dinner and a glass of pinot.  All in all one of the best birthdays I’ve had yet.  Now if I could only get Jason to enjoy his we could have one more day like this…




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