Manscape – The Double Windsor Knot

August 7th, 2011

Jason and I were talking the other day about adding a feature in the blog talking directly to the grooms-to-be about things they find important leading up to, and on, their wedding day.  We all know the brides-to-be out there have a pretty tight rein on all their little yet important details, but there are a few things we think that guys should know about leading into the big day.  I’ve called it Manscape!  I thought I could use this category to offer some tips and tricks as well as fashion and grooming advice.  You know, a little info slashhow-to section – from shining your shoes, to getting a shave, to cufflink selection to literally anything that may feature on the day.  If you want me to answer anything just leave me a comment!  So today’s feature is on one of the most common hiccups of the day – how to tie a double windsor knot.  So, here we go, grab yourself a tie and a friend and get ready to go through the steps – a word of suggestion here, don’t leave it to the big day, practice makes perfect!

Step One

Place the tie around the neck.  Make sure nothing is twisted and everything is lying flat.  I have the wide part of the tie on the left and the thin part on the right.  You need to give yourself enough length in the wide part to make the knot.   My rule of thumb is the thin part should end just below the fourth button.  This does depend on your torso length but the aim is for the tie to reach just on your belt.  Experience is your friend here and you may need to practice this to get it right.

Step 2

Cross wide part of tie over thin part of tie.

Step 3

Thread wide part of tie underneath the cross, then up and through the neck loop.

Step 4

Pull down tight.  Remember the more tension you keep on the tie at this stage the smaller the knot.

Step 5

Thread wide part of tie under the thin part keeping a good tension on both the wide and thin parts of the tie.

Step 6

Bring the wide part of tie up and over, threading down through the neck loop.

Step 7

Pull tight.  Can you see the two triangle shapes?  If you don’t have these start again.  These are what make the shape of the knot.

Step 8

Now loop the wide part of tie around both triangles and then thread it up underneath and through the neck loop.  Tip here is to hold the tension on the two triangles with your thumb to keep the tension.  Hang in there you are almost done…

Step 9

Now thread the bottom of the wide part through the front loop.  Can you see how it is taking shape?

Step 10

Pull the wide part down and slide the knot to the neck of the shirt.  You get a gold star if you have a small crease at the base of the knot.

Done – and seriously, there is nothing sexier and more manly than a man in a tie.  We all talk about that moment when the bride walks down the aisle and how the groom looks at her but with this tie, I’m telling you, the tables will be turned!  We will all be looking for the bride’s reaction!!!  Huge thanks to our gorgeous model, Hugo – who looks fit to grab a dangerously dry martini and hop into his Aston Martin to paint the town – a double windsor knot gives you THAT kind of confidence.


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