Yandina Station Wedding – Ryana + Simon

May 6th, 2016

Yandina Station Wedding

There really is nothing sweeter as a wedding photographer than going deep undercover.  Having your clients so relaxed that they let themselves go, be in the moment and forget you are there.  Some people might think that is strange.  Why would you want people to forget you are there?  Wouldn’t it mean that you don’t get great photographs?  On the contrary (and a trap for young players) the photographs that are THE BEST, are the ones where real stuff is happening!  Not posed, not staged, not fake.  THE REAL DEAL.  If we were surfers we would probably call that state, The Stoke.  (The Stoke – for anyone who doesn’t surf – is that first time elation you get when you ride your first wave. Apparently it is better than , well everything, and surfers spend their life chasing that high.) So I guess you could say us photographers are chasing The Stoke on each and every wedding.  You know what I am talking about and it is reason why most people hate having their photograph taken, and hate the photographs of themselves as well.  You know the drill, family gathering, dad brings out the camera and tells everyone to smile, while he adjusts the settings for what seems like half an hour, and then gets you to smile again, SMILE!!! and then – click – the world’s worst photograph.  What you have is that fake smile with a little bit of boredom and a tinge of please-get-this-over-with frustration and annoyance.  Now that’s a face you want in a photograph – NOT!  This is the reason why candid photographs are better, you are wearing your real face, your real smile, your real laughter, your real love.  And this love, the love between Ryana and Simon, oh-my-word-yes, this love is the realest of real loves.


Venue: http://yandinastation.com.au


Brisbane Wedding Photography – Michael + Jessie

June 7th, 2013

On a glorious Saturday in May, Michael and Jessie got married.  The sun shone.  The flowers bloomed.  The birds sang.  In fact, Brisbane gave us our first super beautiful, Autumn day in quite some time.  Makes me think the God’s are shining on Michael and Jessie.  Their ceremony was at the breathtaking St George’s Church in West End and their reception was held at the fabulous Moda Events Portside.  The stage was set for a fantastic day – and judging by the photographs – fantastic it was!

The boys’ suits are by Michael Innes Menswear in West End.  Stylin lads, stylin!

I am totally in love with Jessie’s dress which was designed by Elisabeth Rosentreter.  It was just that perfect amount of confection and chicness.  Modern and elegant but still very romantic.  And it fits her LIKE A GLOVE!!

All the flowers were by the magical Bloomberry Flowers Events Design by Monica Katsanevas.  They are beautiful, classic and elegant!

It’s almost time!

One of the great things about St George’s Church is they still let you throw confetti!!

Moda Events Portside is Brisbane’s premier wedding venue.  It boasts unparalleled views of the Brisbane River and has THE BEST events staff ever who will work tirelessly to make your wedding dreams a reality as well as fabulous, delicious award winning food.  Enough said, but I cannot recommend Moda Events Portside highly enough for your reception.  Word!

Also a huge, massive thanks to Steve from Vellum Studios who helped out on the day.  I’m sure some of these great images are his – and for that I say, thank you!


Studio Sixty Photography is Brisbane wedding photographer Jason Starr, and studio manager Sally Ogilvie.

Well known for creative, natural, candid photographs of both local and international weddings, Studio Sixty Photography is capturing now and forever.

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