Andrew + Vanessa

May 22nd, 2015

One fine day in April Andrew and Vanessa wed. Simple enough statement right? But oh what a wedding it was! I am completely and utterly in love with Vanessa’s Grace Loves Lace dress. It is so unique, simple and stunning – plus a tiny bit sexy as well. I know the strapless dress is clearly the winner in the wedding dress stakes but this movement into lace panels and low backs is giving it a run for its money! This dress has everything you could want in a dress. I love that she styled it with a simple floral crown of baby’s breath by the always amazing Roberta from Green and Bloom. Her makeup and hair were simple too – by the always amazing girls at The Powder Room. And her shoes were by the master himself, Christian Louboutin. Stepping in out in her new life as a married woman in STYLE! The ceremony was held at St Oliver Plunkett and the reception was held on top of the WORLD (seriously people the views, THE VIEWS!!!) at Room Three Sixty. Andrew and Vanessa’s incredible modern styling was beautifully executed by AV Ideas – I’m thinking I might need some of those gold geometric lights for home!!! But the BEST PART OF ALL (except, like, the whole wedding) was Cookie, their gorgeous pup, in her made-to-measure floral collar!!!! (See what I mean about Green and Bloom? They are the best florists in the WORLD) JUST LOOK AT HER!!!! I die, people, I DIE. Andrew and Vanessa, thank you so much for choosing us, and here’s to a marriage that lasts for forever.

Oh Cookie!!!!  You are the most beautiful pup in all the world!


Andrew and Vaness’as stunning stationery set was produced by those great folks at Little Peach Co.  I’m totally loving the modern geometric design and those colours!!! Copper is the new black!


This cake is worth throwing away your diet, isn’t it?!  Jocelyn’s Provisions – we are not worthy!!!!


Peter + Nadia

March 2nd, 2015

I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned that I am obsessed with twins.  I babysat a pair of identical twins when I was younger and they totally fascinated me.  They were so hard to tell apart, it was near impossible.  And they seemed to completely understand what each other was thinking, like telepathy.  I often would check up on them while they were sleeping and they were wrapped up asleep together like they couldn’t bear to be apart.  I have a sister and we are very close but this took closeness to another level.  Why am I telling you this?  Well Nadia is a twin, and an identical one to boot.  Her sister was working with Peter and thought he would be perfect for Nadia so she set them up.  That is like the perfect blind date really because it must be like you setting yourself up!!!  Totally awesome, right?  And maybe a little bit weird?!  But then again twins are something most of us will never fully understand.  So here are the lovely photographs of Peter and Nadia – enjoy!


Peter’s suit is by Hugo Boss.  It fit him like a glove and is a great long term investment!

pnw0002 pnw0003 pnw0004 pnw0005 pnw0006 pnw0007 pnw0008 pnw0009 pnw0010

Nadia’s stunning dress was by the fabulous Anne from Bertossi Brides.  It’s those little details, like the ‘something blue’ bow sewn inside the gown that make your dress extra special.


The beautiful flowers were by Marion Martin at Brisbane Market Flowers.  Such amazing colours!

pnw0012 pnw0013

Her bridesmaid dresses were by Alannah Hill in that perfect and totally now dusky blush colour.

pnw0014 pnw0015

The girls’ makeup was by the fabulous Linda Watt and their hair and makeup styled by Rebecca Calvert.

pnw0016 pnw0017 pnw0018 pnw0019 pnw0020 pnw0021 pnw0022 pnw0023 pnw0024 pnw0025 pnw0026 pnw0027 pnw0028

pnw0030 pnw0031 pnw0032 pnw0033 pnw0034 pnw0035 pnw0036

Married by family friend Fr. Jerome Watt and in the beautiful St Agatha’s Catholic Church there would be no better way to start your new life as husband and wife!

pnw0037 pnw0038 pnw0039 pnw0040 pnw0041 pnw0042 pnw0043 pnw0044 pnw0045 pnw0046 pnw0047 pnw0048 pnw0049 pnw0050 pnw0051 pnw0052 pnw0053 pnw0054 pnw0055 pnw0056 pnw0057

The reception was held at Restaurant Two – masters of amazing food and professional service.  The amazing cake was made by Peter’s sister, Cathy.  It looked totally delicious!!!

pnw0058 pnw0059 pnw0060

The band were the always amazing Rush Entertainment.  As you will see later one, the party was well and truly pumping to their amazing sounds!

pnw0061 pnw0062 pnw0063 pnw0064 pnw0065 pnw0066 pnw0067 pnw0068 pnw0069 pnw0070 pnw0071 pnw0072 pnw0073 pnw0074 pnw0075 pnw0076 pnw0077 pnw0078 pnw0079


Studio Sixty Photography is Brisbane wedding photographer Jason Starr, and studio manager Sally Ogilvie.

Well known for creative, natural, candid photographs of both local and international weddings, Studio Sixty Photography is capturing now and forever.

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