Makeup Master – Smokey Eyes

April 12th, 2012

For a really long time (and a really long time ago) I hardly ever wore makeup.  I think my main issue was that I was never very good at applying it and it managed to get so smeared all over my face at the end of the day that I looked worse rather than better.  And isn’t that what makeup is supposed to do – make you look better!  But as I got older I realised that a little ‘help’ in the way of blush, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, concealer, etc…went a really long way to making me look better and feel better.  So swung the pendulum and now I am a full convert.  So much so that I try to stay abreast of the new makeup trends and products and with my own editorial eye (which means base don what I think suits me) incorporate these new trends into my everyday makeup routine.  It keeps it fresh – I think nothing ages you more than doing the same old makeup routine you have been doing for the last ten years.  Shake it up, ladies!  As you will soon see – the transformations are amazing.  Keeping this in mind, I put theory into practice and invited the lovely and super-talented Bruce Rehbein from MakeupMaster over to makeover three of our brides.  While I have been so excited about bringing you the photos from this session I have also been worried about how massive this post could become.  So (knowing that I will use 5 words when only one is necessary) I have turned it into a trilogy and for the next three weeks on a Thursday I will bring you a new makeover.  Today’s post is our gorgeous bride-to-be (and usual, non-makeup wearer) Bronwyn.  Most girls in general have never had their makeup done professionally before their wedding day so I thought I would ask Bruce some questions about makeup application and give you guys some tips for your own transformation.  I should also say that I choose the three makeup different looks based on what I think the fashionable bride might be interested in…or at least what I think could look fresh and different yet classic on your wedding day!  (It’s not all about the dress guys!!)

Bruce says you should start your smokey eye prior to putting on foundation because that way you cover up any fall out from the eyeshadow.  This was totally groundbreaking for me because I am a foundation then eyes girl – now I know better!   He applied a neutral base to her eyelids to offer ‘grip’ to the darker shadow.  Apparently if you apply the darker, rich shadow on the lid directly it will slide off (and get all over you and everybody else).  A good neutral base colour will help it stay put all day and night.  On Bronwyn he used the Shade 302 Fresco which is a really great all purpose colour and base for more vibrant shades.  Working with the shape of the eye he applied the darker shade (Carbonised) in small circles – the key here is to blend, blend blend – that is where the circles and the soft brush come into their own.  The smokey eye is all about softness and depth of colour.  So layer, circle, layer, circle to build up that richness.  At the end he added kohl liner to both upper and lower inner rims of the eyes and falsh lashes a quick curl and then mascara.

The thing about the smokey eye is how it transforms your eye colour and shape – I was mesmerised by the green colour of Bronwyn’s eyes and how they popped.  Eyebrows were also a HUGE thing – Bruce used an eyebrow pencil, in small light strokes, to define and fill in Bronwyn’s arches – and it really framed her face.  This is something I have been doing myself since the session, and it totally lifts your eye – brilliant tip!  Bruce then applied primer and foundation to the rest of Bronwyn’s face.  He said to make sure your foundation is not too pink or to dark – the best colour is usually gold or yellow.  And the best way to match it to your face is (shock horror) to apply it to your face and look at it under natural sunlight.  I will smack you on the wrist if I see you trying it on your wrist!!!  He finished it off with a natural lip liner (dusted with powder for staying power) and a slick of pale pink gloss then a sweep of blush (and I really mean a sweep – as we all know, I have a serious blush problem and watching Bruce I can now safely say I am a overuser abuser!!!)

He also used a gorgeous peach lip gloss which really set off Bronwyn’s green eyes – a tiny switch but with such a big result.

One of the reasons for this session was to offer brides the idea of playing with makeup for their big day.  I can totally see this smokey eye with loose wavy hair and a beaded gown for a stylish and (ever so slightly sexy) winter, evening wedding.  If your eyes are your favourite feature I say give the smokey eye a try – it can deliver some seriously, dramatic results and your groom won’t complain about lipstick on his face either!  Thanks again to both Bruce and Bronwyn – you guys are excellent!!!  Also you can buy MakeupMaster products online at their shop – truly beautiful products – and if you want some help using them Bruce offers personal, how-to sessions as well.  You can also follow Bruce on his Facebook page here where you can get more tips on the better, more beautiful you!


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