Spicers Peak Wedding Emma + Phil Wedding

February 4th, 2016

Spicers Peak Lodge Wedding

Well hello there.  I’m super excited about this first blog post for 2016 because this wedding is GORGEOUS!!!!  Also it will also bring some cool (as in icy cool, but come to think of it the other cool too) thoughts into your mind (um HELLO heatwave!!!!) which can only be a good, no great, thing.  Emma and Phil’s wedding was such a special event.  Held at the most exclusive Spicers Peak Lodge on the Scenic Rim, you just know that it is going to be G-O-O-D, you know like ridiculously, pinch yourself, need-to-go-and-have-a-lie-down-because-of-all-the-gorgeousness, good.  Us here in the wedding industry call this a perfect trifecta – beautiful location – check – amazing food – check – stunning styling – check.  With the prefect trifecta you really can’t go wrong.  And Emma and Phil’s wedding had this in spades, I tell you.  It really is too much to reveal it all here (plus lacking in fun) so let’s start with the photographs, and I’ll spill all the details.


Long time readers of this blog will know my ongoing love (stalking perhaps?) for the work of Roberta Moberg at Green and Bloom.  Her floral creations are amazing and have the ability to transform a space miraculously!  If you are thinking about styling for your wedding, consider focussing your spending on a massive display of flowers, it really does the trick in adding wow and drama to your venue.  Roberta made every photograph of the venue breathtaking and it would have been such a treat for guests to drink in the perfume of all those roses too.  She now offers a prop hire and styling additions (which she did for Emma and Phil’s wedding) to her repertoire making her more on a one-stop-dream-maker shop!


Phil wore Emma’s late father’s bow tie and totally rocked the purple hue.  All the way down to his socks!  His super sharp suit was by the fabulous Wil Valor, and perfectly matched.  I love it when grooms show off their fashion flair.  It doesn’t have to be all about the bride!


Stunning rhinestone encrusted Christian Louboutin shoes! I die!


Her stunning dress was by designer Inbal Dror supplied through Helen Rodrigues in Sydney.  Look for the sleeve detail in future shots – so gorgeous!


Just a little note from me here.  So many brides opt for the french manicure on their wedding day. I understand why – it is classic and timeless and, if you ask me, a little boring.  Why not choose a bold colour for your nails on the day?  I just love Emma’s red polish – totally classic yet totally fresh!


Emma’s glamorous makeup was by Amber Moratti at Brush and Blush and her beautiful, 30s style, finger wave hair was by her bridesmaid and hairdresser (not that’s friend to have!) Kellie McCord from Smyths Inc.


Emma’s amazing bespoke headpiece was made by local milliner extraordinaire, Christie Millinery.  Her work is to die for and offers a more demure option to a veil.  Coupled with those startling emerald-green earrings by Lambert Designs – swoon!


This gorgeous celebrant is the lovely, vivacious Erin Woodhall.  She offers such a wonderful presence on the day, and in the lead up, I can highly recommend her services.  Doesn’t she look like she’s having as much fun as Emma and Phil?


Just a little bit about the amazing venue Spicers Peak Lodge.  It really is like nothing else.  Set high on the edge of the Scenic Rim it offer dramatic landscapes, swung worthy skies and luscious food.  If you are looking for something spectacular for your wedding day – look no further.


The entire stationery suite was done by the ever-fabulous Cass Deller Design.  Whimsical yet classic, her work never fails to delight.  From the invitations to menus to signage Cass can do it all!


Now this is my kind of cake!  A real cheese cake.  Wheels of delicious cheese, oh my.  This wondrous creation was provided by Douglas Innes-Will from Spicers Peak Lodge.


This band!  This band!  So totally AMAZING!!!  Lisa Hunt’s Forever Soul ROCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK.  This may be a bold claim but I think they are the best event band, EVER.  (And ps she LOVES a little audience participation too…)


Moda Portside Wedding Alex + Jess

October 7th, 2015

Moda Portside Wedding

Many, many years ago, when Jason and I got married, my girlfriend gave me a book called the 5 Love Languages. Given I had not been successful at any of my previous relationships (hence being single for so long), and coming from a broken home where I didn’t see my father for most of my life, I felt scared, terrified, at the prospect of marriage. Could I make it work? Would I be able to stay ‘in love’? Would we be together forever? Love had been so elusive in the past, how could I keep it alive? Sounds a little depressing to think that you won’t be madly in love, ripping each other’s clothes off for the next 50 years, but for me, I was worried about making it last. This book, the 5 Languages of Love, really resonated with me. He says love, it’s a choice. You choose to love each other, have each other’s backs, stay faithful, watch the football when you don’t want to, go shopping for shoes when you don’t want to, pick up their socks, empty the trash, make the bed. Some days it’s easy, like breathing or eating melted cheese, other days it’s H-A-R-D. But at the end you choose to love them, for better or worse. When I let that really sink in, it actually made me feel less terrified. Now I’m no stranger to hard work, I run a business for goodness sake, hard work is my motto. When I realised that love was a commitment, a choice, and all I had to do was work at it every day, I relaxed. The funny thing is, the longer you are married, the more you see that it’s not their faults that you have to learn to live with – it’s not watching the football, picking up their socks for the 1000th time, emptying the trash after you have nagged so hard you’ve blown a blood vessel – the longer you are married the more you realise that it is actually your own faults that need work. And when you see how those faults can affect the person you love, the relationship you have, the life you want to lead, you realise that the choice is real, and when you choose to work on your faults the person there to help you is your love. Love, it’s a choice, and a gift. The best and most precious gift.


Venue: https://www.modaevents.com.au


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