Basket Ranges Adelaide Wedding Nina + Hugo

October 16th, 2017

Basket Ranges Adelaide weddingadelaide hills

Adelaide and the Basket Ranges are an amazing place to have a wedding.  I met Hugo for the first time when he was working at Rosalie Gourmet Deli.  I was working on a personal project photographing cyclists and we soon became good friends.  Hugo and Nina are just one of those couples that make sense.  I was delighted to be invited to the wedding and could not resist taking my camera.  This is just what happens when you love what you do.  This and I also new that it was going to be one of the most heartfelt weddings I would go to.

This was a very family focused DIY wedding.  DIY can be a bit hit and miss but when the right people are involved it can come off a treat.  These guys had a great bunch of creatives for friends so I knew we were on a winner.

Adelaide is in my opinion a much underrated city.  I love the architecture,  the galleries and the access to the Adelaide Hills which is so happens is where the wedding was.  Yay!

Hugo and Nina were married at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic church in Sterling East.   It is a beautiful stone church built in 1881 and has all the romance you would expect from a country chapel.

One of the most memorable moments of the ceremony was when Hugo’s Dad Graham Davis (or G man as he is affectionately known) and brothers sang Wreckless Eric’s Whole wide world.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

The reception was held at the family vineyard in the Basket Ranges.  Which was very special.  Rolling hills, vines, apple orchards, a Gin bar on the hill and a trail bike. (which I got to ride)  And the dance floor, boy, the dance floor.   It was the most epic full contact floor I have ever been on.  Heels up swinging barnyard fun.


You just have to love a Whiskey bar with a view!

The Melbourne Gin Company Gin was very tasty too.

Every wedding needs a Trail Bike and a maremma sheepdog.

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adelaide wedding photography

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I am telling you people the dance floor was full contact hardcore!!!!!

black wigs and red beards.





Twenty 12 Twenty 13

January 21st, 2013

Friends, gather round.  It is the time of year when to look back before looking forward.  Our top 13 favourite images of 2012.  I really love doing this because it gives me time to revisit on all of the beautiful weddings we have been lucky to be a part of and to ‘say hello’ again to all of the wonderful couples, our clients, you guys.  It is also a great way for Jason to review his work and pick out his favourite images and to reflect on where he wants to go in this new year, 2013.  So let’s begin, shall we…(I just want to say that these are in no particular order and are all equally our favourites!) (OK – so they may not be all of his favourites, there are quite a few of mine in there as well.  I’m sure he’l start talking to me again, sometime, soon…)

It was hard to pick just one image from Will and Deana‘ s wedding.  They were just so in love – it oozed from every part of their day.

Josh and Jerry‘s fabulous wedding – they were the most adorable couple.  I’m still amazed that he gave her a whole pig!

A double decker bus.  A mariachi band.  A London taxi.  And at least 4 victory rolls!  David and Jacqui‘s wedding was spectacular and totally an expression of them as a couple.

Small, intimate and oh-so-lovely, Cameron and Kelly‘s wedding was very dear to my heart.  My gorgeous sister-in-law married the love of her life.  He’s part of the family now!

Gaya and Nishanthi.  I mean, seriously!  What can I say?  Such beauty and grace and love.  Trapped in a beam of sunlight, for all the world to see.

A gorgeous day on the coast, a boat, great friends, fun times.  What a way to get married!  I give you Daniel and Tiffany!

Matt and Emily‘s wedding in the hills of Tenterfield made for some of the most dramatic and amazing photographs of the year.  Worried about it raining on your wedding day?  Just look at this!!!!  Magnifique!

Alex and Rebecca met on a bike polo court.  Jason just took them back to where it all began!

This shot from John and Eirini’s wedding is so in the moment.  I just love the serious look on Erini’s dad’s face.  He’s saying, ‘this father of the bride stuff is not to be trifled with’.  And when  it is juxtaposed with the complete joy and excitement on Erini’s face – it make for one great wedding moment.

Great, candid moments.  That is what weddings are all about!  I love the way Nick is throwing his head back and his dad can hardly keep it together.  Snap!

Mark and Raina‘s wedding was such a wonderful day.  So much love in the room, you can’t believe it is happening.

At Shane and Victoria’s beautiful Byron Bay wedding, Jason took them on a little walk down the lane.  Not your usual beach wedding shot but I love it’s intimacy…

Big moments and small ones.  That’s the greatness of capturing weddings.  Geoff and Tarryn share a quiet moment together, just the two of them, on their very big day.



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