And then there was fire

June 25th, 2012

I mentioned in my last post that we had a fireplace installed.  What I didn’t mention was how much I am in love with this sexy beast.  So in love that I am making up excuses to my friends so I don’t have to leave the house.  All day, every day – in front of the fireplace.  Anyone out there who lives in a Queenslander will know how bitterly cold they are in winter.  No insulation and gaps in the floor boards and walls – there is really nothing worse on a cold windy day.  Since we moved into our house I have spent my winter days rugged up in two jumpers, a ski jacket, beanie and knee high ugg boots and still manage to complain about the cold.  Our house is sometimes colder than it is outside!!!  And once I get cold, I stay cold.  No amount of extra layering can help me and I can only be rescued by a warm boiling hot shower.  But now with this little beauty in place I went to bed last night in shorts and a singlet…I KID YOU NOT!  Are you jealous yet?

Our great friend (and fabulous builder if you are looking for one) Anthony Potter installed the fireplace for us.  I am seriously fussy about builders and installation as I have had some pretty bad experiences in the past.  (One example – the workmen who were installing our bench tops for the kitchen laid out all their filthy, wet tools on my beige, leather lounge! Grrrr!)  But Anthony, Anthony was AMAZING – he asked me questions (questions people! that is something I have never experienced from  builder) and then – GASP – listened to my concerns.  He was clean, and thoughtful, and efficient.  Just look at the cardboard he laid out for all his tools lie on – I was gobsmacked.  Not only was I getting my fireplace but I was getting it installed by a perfectionist!  What more could I ask for?  Thanks so much Anthony!!!  I know I was a very annoying challenging client (it all comes down to my unrelenting standards, what can I say?)

And BAM – there she is!  The hearth we chose was Carrara marble and don’t get me started on how difficult that was!  How thick, how long, how wide – all had to be worked out in relation to the space, the fireplace and the hearth requirements.  Now that it is in (and with the benefit of hindsight) it sure does look pretty though.  The fireplace we chose was from a company in Melbourne, Aranbe Heat.   They have been excellent to deal with and I love the simple lines of their heaters.  The wooden handle is really lovely to use and the matt black colour perfect.  (We also decided to paint our walls darker to help the fireplace blend in.  The colour we chose was Baltic Sea by Resene.  I am in love with that too!!)  The fireplace model we chose was the 160R because we were looking for a heater with very close clearances (that means it can get really close to the wall) and was small enough to heat our house without having to leave all the doors and windows open (so far so good.)

This is the first time in 8 years that Anthony used his plum bob!  We were so glad to give him that opportunity!

Crinkle helping out as best she can!

And we are now on the roof installing the flue.  When you buy a fireplace you then need to buy a flue.  We just had the standard flue kit but I asked that they paint it black so it would match.  I’m glad I didn’t have to climb up there – it looks mighty steep!

And here it is – in all its glory – do you see now why I’m not leaving the house until September?


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