Strap Yourself In

November 4th, 2010

As wedding photographers we see a lot of wedding photos and, in turn, a lot of wedding dresses.  And by far and away, the most common wedding dress style is the strapless gown.  And you know I am the first one to admit that it does look good and is very feminine and glamorous but is it really comfortable?  I really can’t wear a strapless gown (and find it the most stressful thing to wear FULL STOP) and I am sure many of you would agree.  You spend the whole night grabbing at your dress pulling it up and checking that you are fully covered and when you sit down – man oh man – do those bones stick in!  By the end of the night you just want to cry it hurts so much.  That said and given your wedding is a day when you want to be looking your best maybe you should give something with straps a go.  I have a few options here – and they look just as glamorous and just as feminine but they also look pretty darn comfortable as well.  You have to wear this dress for upwards of 8 hours so you really want to be comfortable and relaxed and happy for the whole time – not just the beginning and only when you are standing up!  Also with all this extra comfort straps can provide you, you can go ahead and slide right into that pair of ravishing ten inch heels!!!!

These dresses are from J. Crew one of my favourite sites to stalk.


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