On the Fringe

November 17th, 2010

My wonderful, talented hairdresser Todd Arndt, from Vogue Nationale has given me his essential tips for growing out a fringe (and not looking like a yeti doing it!).  Every year, come the first whiff of cooler weather, I cut in a heavy, blunt fringe.  Not only does it cover my horrific wrinkles but it makes me feel like Francoise Hardy or Jane Birkin – stylish, chic and French.  And every year I try to make it through summer but realise that a fringe sticking to my face is anything BUT stylish, chic and French.  Why, oh why, do I live in the tropics???  Sorry I digress.  So, every year I have to grow my fringe out, and I am telling you that this is the sole purpose the phrase ‘bad hair day’ was invented.  The last time I was in to see Todd I asked him what his tips were to successfully grow out a fringe and he said:

1. Patience – Something I have absolutely none of, just ask Jason;

2. Cover Up – Wear a hat, headband, clips, beret (ok, I added the last one but you get the picture);

3. Product – Apply a small amount of product to style your fringe in place (I do not use product usually but this actually does work – if you just add a small amount you can shape the fringe to sit better.  That is until you get into any kind of weather like rain or wind and then BAM – you are back to ‘bad hair day’ land!); and/or

4. Restyle – Get your hairdresser to cut your fringe so it sweeps to one side (or both).  This is what Todd has done for me and can I tell you it is working a treat!  It took a little while to grow out to a length where it sits nicely (with a little product it was possible but now I use nothing and it sits perfectly) and I expect it will look even better in a couple of weeks.  Perfect timing for party season.

Of course there is the old staple of don’t cut a fringe in in the first place but I literally have people stop me on the street to compliment me and to ask me who cuts my fringe so I must be doing something right.  All in all, this time around, I had two weeks of hat wearing (and I was wearing this one if you want to know) one week of product time and then PRESTO back to good hair.   Thanks Todd – you are indeed the fringe whisperer!


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