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April 18th, 2016


Nucerity Skin Care

All my life I have wanted perfect skin.  You know, no visible pores, no pimples, no pigmentation, no blackheads, no wrinkles – just glorious, perfect, flawless skin.  Nothing pains me more than when I see some alabaster beauty who has COVERED her perfect skin in tattoos.  Why?  WHY?? Even though I have the worst skin, like EVER, so I am pretty obsessed with it, I am pretty sure there are a few of you out there who worship at the perfect skin altar too.  And nothing makes you want perfect skin more than getting married – all those glorious gowns that show off your perfect skin, not to mention all those close up photographs – it has you looking closer in the mirror than ever before!!!  So I asked my girlfriend Sharon who had like luminous and glorious skin what she is using and she told me Nucerity.  I had heard of it before but felt, in the name of research for me AND for you guys, I needed to know more.  So Sharon and I sat down with a glass of wine (or three) and had a chat – here’s the part about the skincare (there was more juicy stuff but you guys don’t really want to know that, now do you??)

What have been your major skin complaints in your life?
I have been fortunate that when I was younger I didn’t have too many skin problems, however as I have got older I have started to notice pigmentation, dark circles under my eyes which I have always been quite conscious of especially when I have looked back at close up photos, adult ache, as well as dry skin.

How did you find out about these products?
A close friend of mine told me about these products, because she had such great looking skin and I wanted to know what she was using.

How long have you been using Nucerity products yourself?
For 4 months now.

What kind of change can you expect if you start using them and how long will it take for you to see results?
Majority of people will notice their skin feeling hydrated and soft after the first application of the overnight masque.
I personally then noticed within a week that my skin tone was more even rather than patchy colourations.
Gradually I have noticed over the last three months my pigmentation disappearing, some people have noticed this much sooner such as my husband his was within a few weeks.
The dark circles around my eyes started to go instantly and the fine lines above my forehead have reduced.
Most people will start seeing results within days to within weeks, pending on a person’s skin condition. I always suggest people take a before photo and then another photo a week later so they personally can see the difference themselves. But people around you will certainly notice how great your skin will be looking.

What regime should brides follow to make sure they look their best on their wedding day?
Wash off the Skincerity
Advanced exfoliator
Eye Effects 3
Peptide plus
Rejuvenating barrier

Eye Effects 3
Peptide Plus and/or Body Silk if they have dry skin
Skincerity before bed

If a bride says to you ‘I’m two weeks out from my wedding day, help!’ – what product would you recommend for some a fast beauty transformation?
In particular I would suggest the eye effects3 and the Skincerity to help hydrate, plump up the skin and reduce the puffiness,dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.

What is your favourite product and why?
It’s difficult to say as they are all a bit of a favourite but I would have to say the Skincerity masque because of how my skins feels and looks in the morning and the Rejuvenating barrier because it gives me the added protection of the artificial light as I work in an office environment all day as well as acts as a primer under my make up and makes my makeup last without requiring much of a touch up, as well as reducing the amount of foundation I have to wear.

If you would like to know more about these products or to purchase please contact me via email at or Facebook page


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