Michael + Erin

February 13th, 2015

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  Great if you have someone who you love, and who loves you, AWFUL if you are alone.  I’ve spent MANY (possibly more than I care to remember) a Valentine’s Day by myself, tub of ice-cream, watching TV.  Sometimes you can rally a few girlfriends together and get out for dinner to laugh in the face of such fake romance.  But mainly it’s just you.  And the really stinker is that you  feel lonely on a day that you probably wouldn’t feel lonely on, except that it is Valentine’s Day.  However I’m thinking that it shouldn’t be all that bad.  Why not think of it as one more day closer to finding your perfect match.  It happens out of the blue, you know?  Meeting that person you want to join forces with and head into the unknown.  For me, it was at a housewarming party, for some friends of mine it was when they were 16, and for some other friends they were in their 60s.  You just never know when you will meet and when you will connect, how it will happen.  You gotta be ready for it.  From the beaming happy faces of Erin and Mick it really reminds you that this kind of true love exists.  There was such happiness and laughter at this wedding that it filled every frame.  St Valentine’s Day may land on the 14th of February every year but Mr V must hang around close for those other 364 days working, plotting, scheming and connecting you to that one true love of your life.  Enjoy tomorrow everybody, cause what would this world be without L.O.V.E.

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