Joel + Kate Engagement Portrait

November 30th, 2011

I am starting to build up a list of things that need to get done before the crazy Christmas period. And man, is it long!  I promise I will be sharing a few more recipes here as I start the epic bake off for the holidays.  Do you have a ritual that you follow at this time of year?  Recipes that you have to cook or else it just doesn’t seem like Christmas?  I do – and one of them is the Mount Everest of cooking – the turkey.  Every year I stress about how I am going to cook it – will it be dry? Will it fit in the oven? What will I stuff it with? It creates this series of panicked awakenings every morning in the lead up to Christmas where I am murmuring to myself about basting, and carving, and stuffing explosions – I almost need a holiday after the holiday, if you get my drift.  I am getting sweaty palms even as I write this and Christmas is still three weeks away.  Good grief, I hear you say, why not cook something else?  I have thought about that, and I mean really thought about it, but it just doesn’t seem like Christmas without turkey, and of course, turkey angst.  Is anyone else heading down the path of the cooking Olympics this Christmas?  Any good turkey recipes to share???  Oops – in my turkey haze I have completely forgotten why you are here – I give you the lovely Joel and Kate – relaxed, natural, effortless – kind of how I’d like my Christmas to be….


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