Eyes Wide Shut

January 9th, 2011

I am battling exhaustion today like no other.  I have had a pretty full on January so far and it looks like it ain’t slowing down any time soon.  On top of this Jason is heading away on a conference which means it is just me holding the fort.  I am feeling so tired that I have resorted to wearing mascara to help brighten my eyes and make me look a bit more alive.  I don’t normally wear mascara because I rub my eyes constantly and I don’t want to look like a racoon all day.  But today I need all the help I can get.  My darling friend Cath has been waxing lyrical about Diorshow mascara, so much so, that she broke down and bought me one to try. (I have awesome friends, don’t I?)  OH MY – this stuff is FANTASTIC!  Now I know why everyone and their friend has  talked this mascara up to cult status –  seriously it is that good.  The downside is that it is pricey for a mascara but it really does do what it claims – makes your lashes thicker, longer and really, really natural looking.  I was gobsmacked (and Cath – you are totally right) at the greatness of this product.

I have the Diorshow Iconic and the brush is this little flexible comb which applies mascara as it separates your lashes.  Ingenious because I usually spend a long time trying to comb my lashes out because other mascaras make my many eyelashes turn into three, big, clumped ones (hairy spider legs anyone?).  Not a pretty sight!   Diorshow Iconic just delivers lovely long, black lashes without any clumping at all.  And probably next time I’ll go for the waterproof so I can rub my eyes all I want and it won’t budge!   If you love mascara and can swallow the price tag I would highly recommend it.  Now I can either try and get some rest or paint eyes on my eyelids so no one knows that I’m really asleep!!!


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