Don + Ema Engagement Portrait

June 7th, 2012

I am sorry I have been a bit of a bad blogger of late.  I seem to be feeling a bit ‘meh’ about the whole thing.  I get so few comments and so little feedback that sometimes, when I sit down to write anything, I just feel like I am talking to myself.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to talk to myself A LOT!  I usually just say I am talking to Crinkle when she is in the room.  It is one of the many, many perks of pet ownership.  But here – well, I sometimes get a little blue about it.  I keep asking myself – do you care?  Do you really care?  As a result of my blogging blues, Jason and I have been talking a lot about this space and what it means to us and, of course, what it means to our business.  I feel like we may have let you down a bit.  For a while there I was posting recipes, parties, cafes, clothes – and now it is all work, work, work and no play.  (Possibly because that is how we have been living our lives of late but here is where blogging can actually help you have a life.  It gets you out into the real world and  gives you fun cool blog posts!)  So in four more weeks our crazy season ends and I can spring clean this little blog of ours and give you something more about us and more about work!  I give you Don and Ema and their ridiculously good looking engagement portrait…just look at their beautiful faces!  I’m feeling happier already!


Studio Sixty Photography is Brisbane wedding photographer Jason Starr, and studio manager Sally Ogilvie.

Well known for creative, natural, candid photographs of both local and international weddings, Studio Sixty Photography is capturing now and forever.

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