Christie + Kristian

November 26th, 2014

So it’s almost Christmas.  Like seriously – I think it is about 30 days until Santa-time and, I’m not sure about you, but I have done nothing.  Well almost nothing – I did manage to order the turkey which almost killed me!  My butcher’s order form is a study in how NOT to design an order form.  Would it be rude to design one myself and give it to him on a USB for next year?  One could consider that a gift, couldn’t they?!  Normally I’m all over Christmas but this year I haven’t been hit by the bug.  Maybe it will happen and I’ll be carolling around the halls soon enough but until that time, just call me a Christmas humbug.  One thing I’m totally excited about though is some much needed beach time – I have a stack of books I collect throughout the year that sits waiting for our holidays to come.  Nothing better than copping a squat on the sand, umbrella up, cooling sea breeze and 10 books you are dying to read.  Man oh, man – bring it on!  I am totally dreaming of that right now so I thought what a perfect time to blog Christie and Kristian’s wedding on the stunning Sunshine Coast.  So beautiful, so amazing, so totally want to be there right now.  Can you hear the waves????

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