Mark + Kristen

March 29th, 2012

Things are getting just a little bit hectic around here – what with the recent feature of Fiona and Troy’s wedding on Style Me Pretty Australia (hello!!!!!  Totally floored by that!), the upcoming Queensland Brides Wedding and Honeymoon Expo at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre this weekend, as well as the many, many amazing weddings Jason has been shooting in the last month.  It has been total and utter madness around here – so much so that we have been eyeing off the scary only-to-be-eaten-in-a-time-of-serious-crisis stash of food I keep in the far, far depths of the pantry because we haven’t had time for a decent grocery shop!  Use by dates are only a guide aren’t they????  I am sure however, that all this is going to get better next week (sure, sure, I hear you say) I mean, how much can happen in a four day week I ask you?  Anyway I wanted to leave you for the weekend with a little sneak peak of Mark and Kristen – we will be doing a full post on them shortly – but I know Kristen is dying to see the photographs!  And why not?  How stunning are these two!  Seriously!

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  1. Use-by dates are definitely only a guide. As long as they’re not older than the day you moved in to the house you currently reside in, you are fine, just fine I tell you…

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