Bag Snooping

February 7th, 2011

I have to admit that I am a terrible snoop.  I love to look through peoples things – bathroom cabinets, kitchen drawers, refrigerators – you name it.  I’m not quite sure why I have this compulsion – and it is a compulsion because I know it isn’t polite yet there I am, standing in someone’s bathroom checking out what shampoo they like or dental floss they use.  Handbags aren’t off limits either.  I am always keen to know what lip balm someone prefers and what type of wallet someone uses and do they carry a notebook, what are they reading, and so on.  I had the girls around to help with putting our DVDs into brochures for the Bridal Expo and then (as a way of thanking them) I got them to empty their bags for a full on snoop.  Here is what I found:

Being a firm believer in the mantra “less is more” Wilhelmina’s bag is a study in carry only what is necessary!  Her bag is from Mimco (bought for a song on eBay):

Mimco Wallet (which I LOVE and ended up buying myself. See – snooping is just another way to go shopping!)

Book – The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Keys on Tiffany Key Ring


Nail Polish (Brand: Avon Colour: Tangtastic) (I have to say that I was amazed at this because I would never have thought to carry nail polish but the girls assured me that it was great when you have downtimes during the day to paint your nails!  Who would have thought!)

Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment (This is such a staple – it is great for everything and if you haven’t tried it you really should.  Make sure you keep the lid on tight though because when it leaks it makes an awful mess.)

Jurlique Hand Cream (Jasmin)


Lipgloss (Brand: Clinique Glosswear Colour: Number 10 Airkiss)

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Outside of the staple trifecta (wallet, keys, phone) what are your three must-have items in your handbag?


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