Andrew + Tegan

November 16th, 2013

This wedding…you guys…this wedding was totally and utterly AMAZING. I’ve been sitting here at my computer for the last hour trying to figure out where to start but, of course, like all great stories, you know, like the ones you can’t put down until they are finished, I need to start at the beginning. So let’s start at the beginning. Andrew took Tegan on a surprise (yes, like totally unexpected surprise) trip to Borneo to propose. BORNEO! He wanted to propose on top of a mountain. With the sun rising as the backdrop. Seriously??? Like I mean seriously? How romantic is that??? (I’m not even going to tell you how Jason proposed to me…never. No way! Not after this story!!) Of course, as with all best laid plans, especially engagement plans (why, oh why is that?) they always go awry! It seemed rainy, cold weather, sore feet and confusion meant that they didn’t get to reach the summit, but thankfully, he proposed anyway! Phew! So the first step is a great couple who are ridiculously in love. Next step, we have amazing families and friends at the ready to usher this couple into married life. In fact, I have to say, this wedding had so many friends involved – be it with readings at the ceremony to speeches at the reception. Andrew and Tegan were so lucky to be surrounded by so much love on their wedding day you could almost see it, vibrating almost, or shining like a beacon of light on top of a hill. The next step to an amazing wedding is its location. Andrew and Tegan got married on Andrew’s family property out at Samford. With the most breathtaking views and gorgeous lush bushland it makes for some of the most unbelievable photographs. Not only is it gorgeous but of course it is meaningful. So many couples talk about getting married at home – a place where you have spent so much time and a place that means so much to you. Round the wedding out with the best wedding planner in white+white weddings to help you hone those finer details and, well, what can I say? Magic! I know you guys are going to be rushing with the comments about where Andrew and Tegan got such and such so I am going to list the details at the bottom. Andrew and Tegan – thanks so much for letting us be there on such a wonderful, magical, tender day. I am sort of, well, not really (because this-would-have-to-be my-longest-blog-post-ever) speechless. Enjoy!atwblog0001 atwblog0002 atwblog0003 atwblog0004 atwblog0005 atwblog0006 atwblog0007 atwblog0008 atwblog0009 atwblog0010 atwblog0011 atwblog0012 atwblog0013 atwblog0014 atwblog0015 atwblog0016 atwblog0017 atwblog0018 atwblog0019 atwblog0020 atwblog0021 atwblog0022 atwblog0023 atwblog0024 atwblog0025 atwblog0026 atwblog0027 atwblog0028 atwblog0029 atwblog0030 atwblog0031 atwblog0032 atwblog0033 atwblog0034 atwblog0035 atwblog0036 atwblog0037 atwblog0038 atwblog0039 atwblog0040 atwblog0041 atwblog0042 atwblog0043 atwblog0044 atwblog0045 atwblog0046 atwblog0047 atwblog0048 atwblog0049 atwblog0050 atwblog0051 atwblog0052 atwblog0053 atwblog0054 atwblog0055 atwblog0056 atwblog0057 atwblog0058 atwblog0059 atwblog0060 atwblog0061 atwblog0062 atwblog0063 atwblog0064 atwblog0065 atwblog0066 atwblog0067 atwblog0068 atwblog0069 atwblog0070 atwblog0071 atwblog0072 atwblog0073 atwblog0074 atwblog0075 atwblog0076 atwblog0077 atwblog0078 atwblog0079 atwblog0080 atwblog0081 atwblog0082 atwblog0083 atwblog0084 atwblog0085 atwblog0086 atwblog0087 atwblog0088 atwblog0089 atwblog0090 atwblog0091 atwblog0092 atwblog0093 atwblog0094 atwblog0095 atwblog0096 atwblog0097 atwblog0098 atwblog0099 atwblog0100 atwblog0101 atwblog0102 atwblog0103 atwblog0104 atwblog0105 atwblog0106 atwblog0107 atwblog0108 atwblog0109 atwblog0110 atwblog0111 atwblog0112 atwblog0113 atwblog0114 atwblog0115

The skinny: Wedding planner: white+white wedding // Celebrant: Sarah May Alexander // Gazebo styling: Amini Concepts // Furniture: Little Gray Station + The One Day House // Marquee: Events in Tents // Flowers: Stem Design // Stationery: Urban Weddings // Catering: Zen Catering //Dress: Karen Willis Homes // Flower hairpiece: Bride’s own creation // Bride’s shoes: Found in Thailand // Suit: Canali from Mitchell Ogilvie //Shirt + Tie: Herringbone + Ascot from Mitchell Ogilvie // Groom’s shoes: Aquila // Cufflinks: Found in a marketplace in Borneo.


Studio Sixty Photography is Brisbane wedding photographer Jason Starr, and studio manager Sally Ogilvie.

Well known for creative, natural, candid photographs of both local and international weddings, Studio Sixty Photography is capturing now and forever.

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