Maleny Manor wedding

September 29th, 2015

Maleny Manor wedding

As we hurtle towards another Queensland Brides Wedding and Honeymoon Expo (9th – 11 October – put it in your diaries – STAT) one of the most asked questions I get (strangely enough given we are a photography studio but hey, I’m here to help!) is where is a great reception venue.  This usually gets us talking about the type of wedding – urban, country, beach, rustic, modern – and invariably if the answer is beach and country we end up talking about Maleny Manor.  It is a premier Sunshine Coast hinterland venue offering a ceremony and reception venue as well as accommodation.  the food is amazing, the service professional and the location offers some of the best mountain range scenery on offer in the region.   Maleny Manor is also the location for Jamie and Adrijana’s wedding.  I’m pretty sure the photographs speak for themselves – lush, moody, breathtaking and beautiful.  What more can you ask for?  And don’t forget to grab your tickets to the Queensland Brides Wedding and Honeymoon Expo next weekend, I’ll be there, and I’m happy to talk all things wedding with you, let’s chat!

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Hillstone St Lucia wedding Tom + Claire

September 7th, 2015

Hillstone St Lucia Wedding

Hillstone St Lucia has to be one of the most amazing golf club venues to hold a wedding.  Two beautiful rooms, glorious mango tree covered in fairy lights and two fantastic spaces to hold your ceremony.

My mother used to always say, “It doesn’t matter if you are collecting the post or going to the ball, make sure you pull a comb through your hair and put your lipstick on because you never know who you might meet!”  I used to always (quietly) think to myself that if I happened to meet someone walking the 10 metres to the letterbox right outside our home I’m more likely to be thinking “stalker” than potential love match but hey, what do I know, right?  In the case of Claire and Tom, everyone says you will never, EVER meet your husband in a bar, but lo and behold that is EXACTLY what they did!  Mind you it was a bar in beautiful Barcelona, but a bar it was.  Seems young Tom had a few too many bevies (or possibly was lovestruck! I’m going with that and I’ll bet Tom is going with that too!) and even though they talked all night, struggled to remember Claire’s name at the end of the evening.  Doesn’t sound too promising now does it?  But like all good love stories, something like forgetting a name didn’t manage to tear them apart but brought them closer together and so here we are!

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Tom and Claire decided Queensland’s oldest church St Marys Anglican church would be the place to hold their wedding and what a stunning chapel this is.  Overlooking panoramic views of Brisbane city and the river it would have to be one of the best placed sites in Brisbane for a church.ctw027 ctw028 ctw029 ctw030 ctw031 ctw032 ctw033 ctw034 ctw035 ctw036 ctw037 ctw038 ctw039 ctw040 ctw041 ctw042 ctw043

Thats what I call the ultimate selfie but the weddings MC.ctw044 ctw045 ctw046 ctw047 ctw048 ctw049 ctw050 ctw051 ctw052 ctw053 ctw054 ctw055 ctw056 ctw057 ctw058 ctw059 ctw060 ctw061 ctw062 ctw063 ctw064 ctw065 ctw066 ctw067 ctw068 ctw069 ctw070 ctw071 ctw072 ctw073 ctw074 ctw075 ctw076 ctw077 ctw078



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