Stephen + Naomi

December 3rd, 2014

Why are there so many songs that talk about love and weather?  Songs like Stormy Weather, Here Comes the Sun, the ever-classic November Rain and a personal favourite, It’s Raining Men, entwine age old themes of love and weather.  I’m sure this list could go on and on.  When I think about it, I guess songwriters use the weather as a metaphor for life – if your love can withstand all those forces of nature, the sun, the rain, the hail and wind – it is a true love, a lasting and strong love.  For Stephen and Naomi, who experienced sun, rain, hail and wind on their wedding day, it can only mean that their love is SUPER strong.  I had such a hard time choosing the photographs for this post because their love and that weather made an amazing combination.  Held at the spectacular Spicers Peak Lodge, Stephen and Naomi gathered their nearest and dearest to witness their marriage.  It was a truly special day – and to only add to the magic, there were a couple of cow photo bombers.  His name was Hamish.

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Stephen’s dapper suit was by Herringbone and his shirt and bowtie was by those gents at The Cloakroom.

snw0013 snw0014 snw0015

Naomi’s beautiful outfit was a simple silk shirt and flowing skirt from the master Johanna Johnson.  Give me a dress with pockets and I’m a happy girl!  Too cool.

snw0016 snw0017 snw0018 snw0019

Hair and makeup by the ever professional and super awesome girls from The Powder Room.  Natural, lasting, perfection!

snw0020 snw0021

That little something borrowed and something blue!

snw0022 snw0023 snw0024 snw0025 snw0026

All the flowers (and there were flowers, flowers everywhere) were done by the absolutely fabulous Green and Bloom. Oh my goodness – simply stunning!

snw0027 snw0028 snw0029 snw0030 snw0031 snw0032 snw0033 snw0034 snw0035 snw0036 snw0037 snw0038 snw0039 snw0040 snw0041 snw0042

The amazing celebrant, Nicole Evans, managed to cope with the changing weather spectacularly.  As the heavens opened up, and the guests ran for cover, Spicers’ staff were handing out umbrellas and guiding guests inside.  Professional, exceptional service.

snw0043 snw0044 snw0045 snw0046 snw0047 snw0048 snw0049

See what I mean about the flowers?  Ah-Maze-Ing!  Tables were hired from Hodgepodge Hire and the Chairs were from AVIdeas.  So beautiful!

snw0050 snw0051 snw0052 snw0053 snw0054

They had a caricature artist at the reception – what a brilliant idea!

snw0055 snw0056 snw0057 snw0058 snw0059 snw0060 snw0061 snw0062 snw0063 snw0064

Cow photo bomber!!!!

snw0065 snw0066 snw0067 snw0068 snw0069 snw0070 snw0071 snw0072 snw0073

Spicers Peak Lodge pride themselves on using local and sustainable produce.  It is lovingly prepared and spectacular.  For the food living bride and groom, Spicers Peak Lodge is the perfect place to get married.  Just look at this delicious bounty.

snw0074 snw0075 snw0076 snw0077

This is Hamish.  The best looking cow I’ve ever seen.



snw0079 snw0080

A family friend, Julie Trappel, made their wedding cake.  Delicious!

snw0081 snw0082 snw0083 snw0084 snw0085 snw0086 snw0087

A double rainbow equals double happiness!

snw0088 snw0089 snw0090 snw0091 snw0092 snw0093 snw0094 snw0095 snw0096 snw0097 snw0098 snw0099 snw0100 snw0101 snw0102 snw0103 snw0104


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