Brooks + Charis

September 29th, 2014

What’s that famous phrase? It takes a village to raise a child.  Well I’m here to tell you that is takes more than a village to host a wedding!!!  So many people come together to make your wedding day what it is – friends, family, wedding professionals – all working together to make your day personal and unique.  I asked Charis to send through some of the details that made her and Brooks’ day so special and it read like an Oscar’s acceptance speech.  So many people to thank, so much love.  I felt like I owed it to Brooks and Charis to reveal how thankful they were for everyone’s involvement on their special day.  In Charis’s own words here they are:

Our celebrant Paul Voge Marriage Celebrant – he did a brilliant job and we were so happy to find him. He was everything we never knew to look for in a celebrant   – it ran so smoothly – almost like we knew what we were doing!
 Our ‘chauffeur’ Locky who was going to drive us in a Wilfred outfit …but the material didn’t arrive in time.
 My grandmother, Dell Sutton, who lent me her mothers’ veil to wear – I think she was married in the 1910s – 1920s.
 Every secondhand shop between here and Maryborough – for their books and teacups. Especially the MS shop in Dutton Park!
 All the friends and family members who helped set up the collection of stuff that turned into our wedding – and helped arrange flowers with me on Saturday and string 1000 hand folded paper cranes so that Brooks and I could make a wish. Brooks also folded 1000 paper stars that went on the tables.
Other suppliers… let’s hope I remember them all!
 Hair and Makeup – Powder Room (wow, just… wow)
Dress – (vintage but beading by Venita Drennen) (Venita whipped up the beading on my dress three weeks before the wedding! There was a slight dry cleaning fail – I won’t name names – but she made it look like everything I wanted it to be!)
Venue – Lightspace (Jess was brilliant. And Lightspace… we loved it and there are no words.)
Caterer – Wine & Dine’m Catering (everything I threw at Lacee, she took in her stride. Food was fantastic – and, given the amount of times I changed the menu and the storage requests, she got it perfectly!)
Lighting – AVIdeas (Greg and Chris always make Lightspace look its best and our wedding was no exception)
Cake – Cakes by Judy C (I found an idea on Pinterest – Brooks found Judy, and Judy turned the idea into something classy and amazing!)
Tables/Chairs/Plates – Little Gray Station (their furniture was just perfect and they were so easy to work with!)
Bouquets – Artificial Floral Boutique (Danielle turned my random origami ideas into a reality.)
Barber for Brooks – The Emporium Barber
Suit for Brooks – M.J.Bale
Brooks’ Ring – Dimani Jewellery (Matt (jeweller) is an absolute lifesaver – he found us a substitute ring, resized and polished it two days before the wedding!)
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Matt + Dimity

September 16th, 2014

Well hello there.  So nice to see you again.  I’m sorry for my absence, but you know, some things get real and some things take time.  Enough said?  I’m back now and raring to go with a wedding that will knock your socks off.  One of the most asked questions I get is “what happens if it rains?”  Most couples are terrified of  rain on their wedding day because they think it will ruin the day, the photos, your dress, your hair…the list, man, is endless.  But I’m here to tell you (and to show you) that a little adjustment in your attitude to the rain can make for the BEST. WEDDING. EVER.  Remember your dress, hair and makeup are all really just for this one day so stop worrying about it.  Those professionals you employed know all the tricks to make mascara not run, your hair not fall out and your dress not crease.  Trust in them and relax.  Smile guys, you’re getting married!!!  You may want to rethink your footwear for a portion of the day (high heels in muddy grass, not so cool) but other than that nothing you have planned has to change.  The thing about rain is that it brings the clouds a little lower and diffuses the light to a lovely soft glow.  No one looks bad in rainy light, just ask the Parisians who bask in that rain looking all chic and stylish and so bloody Frenchy!  It is like a massive diffuser for the sun and that is like the world’s best beauty lamp.  Not to mention those dramatic clouds!!!  Man oh man, don’t get me started!  So with this in mind I give you Matt and Dimity – a wedding in the rain that didn’t let it ruin on their parade!

mdw0001 mdw0002 mdw0003 mdw0004

The stunning flowers for the day were by the always amazing Green and Bloom.  Roberta does the most spectacular floral arrangements I’ve ever seen.


mdw0005 mdw0006 mdw0007

See what I mean about Green and Bloom?  These are stunning – so lush and fresh.  Wait till you see the hanging canopy over the bridal table – stunning!!!

mdw0008 mdw0009 mdw0010 mdw0011 mdw0012 mdw0013

Dimity used Lydia from Peacocks and Lilies Image Styling for her makeup and Erin from Sugar Hair for her hair.  As you can see these professionals know exactly how to deal with rainy weather – Dimity looked stunning all day!  Her beautiful wedding dress was by local designers Bertossi Brides at Paddington Weddings.

mdw0014 mdw0015 mdw0016 mdw0017 mdw0018 mdw0019 mdw0020 mdw0021 mdw0022 mdw0023

Situated in the heart of Mount Pleasant is this lovely little stone church, Henzell’s Chapel.  It’s like something out of a fairytale isn’t it?

mdw0024 mdw0025 mdw0026

Each of the bridesmaids’ dresses were made with a different floral fabric and complimented the stunning springtime feel of the day.  They were designed and created by Ann Coy in fabric from the Fabric Collection.

mdw0027 mdw0028 mdw0029 mdw0030 mdw0031 mdw0032 mdw0033 mdw0034 mdw0035 mdw0036 mdw0037 mdw0038 mdw0039 mdw0040 mdw0041 mdw0042 mdw0043 mdw0044 mdw0045 mdw0046 mdw0047 mdw0048 mdw0049 mdw0050 mdw0051 mdw0052 mdw0053 mdw0054 mdw0055 mdw0056 mdw0057 mdw0058

I love the quirkiness of Nina’s work from Blackboard Artworx.  She is such a pleasure to work with and really does such an amazing job.  All of the blackboards are hand drawn by her and bespoke for every occasion.


An amazing cloud of spring flowers over the bridal table.

mdw0060 mdw0061 mdw0062 mdw0063 mdw0064 mdw0065

The catering was done by Dalton Hospitality who also supplied the trestle tables.  The on the day styling was by Jodie and Alon from Maximilian and Jake Events.

mdw0066 mdw0067 mdw0068 mdw0069 mdw0070 mdw0071

Dimity and Matt’s reception was held at Samsonvale Hall.  The beauty of a venue like this is you can create anything you want in the space and you can hire your own caterers and bring your own wine!

mdw0072 mdw0073 mdw0074 mdw0075 mdw0076 mdw0077 mdw0078 mdw0079 mdw0080 mdw0081 mdw0082 mdw0083 mdw0084 mdw0085 mdw0086 mdw0087 mdw0088 mdw0089

The music that got this party started (and cranking) well into the night was Cut-a-rug!

mdw0090 mdw0091


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