Flashback Friday 1

March 28th, 2014

My first true memory of how far we travelled.  From the USA to Australia and here I was in 1979 sitting in front of Sunday night Countdown watching Mental as Anything.  I’m not going to even tell you how out of place I felt but somehow,now, this song makes me nostalgic for this time in my life.  Happy weekend people – and welcome to Flashback Fridays.

Brad + Susie

March 11th, 2014

I’m pretty sure if you have been visiting here for a long time you will know that we are certified ‘dog people’.  Not that there is anything wrong with cats, but, if push came to shove, both Jason and I would choose a tail-wagging, bone-chewing, running-in-circles-just-because-you-are-home dog.  I have often wondered if we don’t subconsciously attract other ‘dog people’, as clients particularly, given how many of them have their dogs feature in their weddings!  It is a tribe we all belong to, the Dog Club, or the DC.  Maybe we should get a special handshake and a club (dog?) house.  We didn’t have Crinkle when we got married but I know I would have included her somehow.  It would feel wrong not too!  She’s such a part of our family I couldn’t imagine her sitting at home missing out on all the fun and pats and, inevitable treats.  Brad and Susie are not only part of our club but they are card carrying, fully paid members.  I have never seen a bride let her dog, Cooper, sit on her dress before the ceremony, she also let him jump up on her dress at the signing of the register, Brad even held him in his lap for pictures!  All I can say is Brad and Susie are truly good sorts.  The best kind of sort.  Oh, and (because this is a real wedding post after all) they are in love, like the real kind of love – you know the kind that will drive in the pouring rain to four different grocery stores to get the right kind of juice that you believe (foolishly) has magical powers and will cure your sore throat.  Or stand around for three full hours while you try on every dress, jumpsuit, outfit combination in the shop – some even TWICE – trying to work out which makes you look skinny, which bag, shoes, coat they will go with for your best friend’s party.  That kind of love.  The good kind of love.  Maybe I have figured something out here – Dog Club people = Good sort people = Good love people!  Brad and Susie.  Good Dog Sort Love People!

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