Richard + Minako

November 27th, 2013

rmblog0001Nothing makes me happier than when you are involved in a wedding so full to the brim with meaning and love and togetherness.  Every single detail reflecting the couple, their loves and their love.  Quirky, stylish, fun-loving, happy – these are the words I am grabbing for when I think of Richard and Minako.  They really did it their way – opting for a ‘first look’ rather than waiting till she walked down the aisle; location photographs before the ceremony to make sure they got a magical sunset (and they did, my oh my); getting married outside on a simple yet stunning jetty near their home; her bright, red shoes; a small, relaxed bistro for their reception; a super-squeezy dance floor.  Add to this with a great bunch of crazy, funny friends and family and you really have the perfect wedding.  Relaxed, intimate, close, lovely – Richard and Minako, your style is my style.  rmblog0002 rmblog0003 rmblog0004 rmblog0005 rmblog0006 rmblog0007 rmblog0008 rmblog0009 rmblog0010 rmblog0011 rmblog0012 rmblog0013 rmblog0014 rmblog0015 rmblog0016 rmblog0017 rmblog0018 rmblog0019 rmblog0020 rmblog0021 rmblog0022 rmblog0023 rmblog0024 rmblog0025 rmblog0026 rmblog0027 rmblog0028 rmblog0029 rmblog0030 rmblog0031 rmblog0032 rmblog0033 rmblog0034 rmblog0035 rmblog0036 rmblog0037 rmblog0038 rmblog0039 rmblog0040 rmblog0041 rmblog0042 rmblog0043 rmblog0044 rmblog0045 rmblog0046 rmblog0047 rmblog0048 rmblog0049 rmblog0050 rmblog0051 rmblog0052 rmblog0053 rmblog0054 rmblog0055 rmblog0056 rmblog0057 rmblog0058 rmblog0059 rmblog0060 rmblog0061 rmblog0062



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Well known for creative, natural, candid photographs of both local and international weddings, Studio Sixty Photography is capturing now and forever.

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