Tropical Honeymoon Wardrobe

August 24th, 2012

Tropical Honeymoon Wardrobe

Ok – so be kind to me as this is my first foray into the world of Polyvore.  I’m not exactly sure if I used it right but I thought it would be fun to put together some ideas for a tropical honeymoon wardrobe.  I know we spend a LOT of time here talking about the wedding but one of the best parts about the wedding is the honeymoon afterwards!  Jetting off to some gorgeous island with the bluest sea you have ever seen, long sandy beaches and only your new husband to distract you!  Pure heaven.  So I thought it would be kind of fun to break down a really streamlined wardrobe of a few key pieces that mix and match for your trip!  Planning for this kind of trip is key.  Lay out all of the clothes you are planning on taking and work out what goes with what.  I’m telling you, this kind of packing is a revelation.  You see, before I met Jason I was the kind of girl who brought a different pair of shoes for each outfit I had ‘planned’, and I use the word ‘planned’ loosely because I really just packed everything I owned just in case I really needed it while I was away (even if it was only for a weekend!).  At the beginning of our relationship we would be heading away for the weekend and there I was, dragging 4 or 5 bags of clothes around, most of which I never wore!  Add that to the fact that Jason only ever travels with carry on luggage, and well, by the time we had wasted another half an hour waiting at baggage return and I became a convert to the carry on!  Never again would we waste a single moment waiting for our luggage.  To prove a point these 15 pieces of clothing equates to about 17 outfits!  And that isn’t even including accessories!!  And it would pack down pretty nicely into a tiny suitcase you can stow overhead.  Who would have thought it right?  Sometimes boys really know a thing or two huh?

Brisbane Wedding Photography – Geoff + Tarryn

August 23rd, 2012

Given my last name is the very, very Scottish Ogilvie you can pretty much guess that I love a man in a kilt.  My family tartan is something I am very proud of – as all of us good Scotsmen/women can attest.  I often say to people that I am related to the Queen of England.  Laugh if you will but the current head of the Ogilvie clan is the Lord Chamberlain to the Queen and Angus Ogilvy, who is the brother of the Lord, is married to Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra.  BAM – less than three degrees of separation and I’m royalty, baby!  I am still, however, waiting for my invitation to the royal wedding!  Ahem.  My royal blood aside, I really do love it when a groom has the hoots-pa to wear a kilt to his wedding.  There really is nothing more macho then a man in a skirt.  I’m pretty sure Tarryn would agree with me, wouldn’t you?  Geoff and Tarryn had the most wonderful wedding followed by the most awesome honeymoon.  Their ceremony was in the beautiful, intimate Latrobe Chapel followed by a fabulous reception at Hillstone St Lucia.  Their honeymoon is a 6 month long skiing and mountain bike riding trip in Canada.  I am totally green with envy.  Oh well, I will just have to be content with my blue blood and curtseys.  You all better start practicing now…


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