Brisbane Wedding Photography – Don + Ema

August 28th, 2012

There are a few things in life that you gotta have up your sleeve.  You know what I mean?  Having that tiny bit of knowledge that can get you out of a tight squeeze.  Like the ability to make a decent spaghetti bolognese. (Or produce any half decent meal for friends (and I don’t mean out of a can.))  We all need that skill.  And perhaps the ability to sew on a button or hem a pair of pants.  Programming your television or knowing how to change your car’s oil, even deprogramming a nuclear weapon.  The kind of skills that will get you out of a jam time and time again.  You get what I’m saying here?  It can make life easier knowing you have those basic skills that, when called upon, help you get through your life smoothly.  Like having a good karaoke song – a song you can sing well and know all the words to – is another such skill.  I have a few friends (who will remain nameless but you know who you are) who absolutely lose their minds for karaoke.  So I have spent quite a bit of time lurking around the usual karaoke haunts watching, waiting, feeling like I am going to throw up from nerves and um, singing (if you could call it that).  It is one of those things you can’t just flat out say no to – you just get hassled, and hassled, all night and eventually (usually after a few sherrys or so) end up, on the stage, singing some unknown-to-you, Dolly Parton-or-Metallica song, mumbling, stumbling and trying to keep up.  I have found that the way to avoid such nights (and the stream of bad photos that go with them) is to have your karaoke song prepared and sung early on.  You know the words, you can sing it (and maybe even do a little accompanying dance if it feels right) and, afterwards, no hassling which leaves you free to enjoy the night.  My trusty song is “Can’t Buy Me Love” by The Beatles.  It’s a bit of a crowd pleaser (I think any Beatles song is) and can really be sung by anyone – no high notes or complicated harmonies to get caught up in.  I realise you are now asking yourself how does this have anything to do with the lovely Don and Ema’s wedding.  Wait for it, people, wait for it.  Besides their wedding being stunning and gorgeous and beautiful, Don and Ema had karaoke at their reception.  See – it can happen anywhere – when you least expect it.  It’s making your palms sweat just thinking about it isn’t it?  So who’s up for a little karaoke this Saturday night?  Practice makes perfect people, practice makes perfect.  You can count me in – and $10 to anyone who can guess what I’m going to sing!

I’m feeling some Celine Dion with this shot…


Studio Sixty Photography is Brisbane wedding photographer Jason Starr, and studio manager Sally Ogilvie.

Well known for creative, natural, candid photographs of both local and international weddings, Studio Sixty Photography is capturing now and forever.

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