Egg + Soldiers

July 31st, 2012

I am pretty sure that I may be the only person not sick in all of Brisbane.  Seems like everyone has either a cold, the flu or some dreaded lurgy.  You know the type of sickness that takes hold and feels like it will never leave.  Being the kind of person who loves getting out and amongst it, there really is nothing worse than getting sick.  All that sitting around, sniffing, coughing, sleeping, staring out the window with nothing to do but get better – all of it just drives me nuts.  And then after all that, you finally reach that point where you are sort of well enough that your brain starts working again, but your stupid body is still sick and weak and sore – and with that, your old friend boredom sets in and you get really, really, really cranky.  Sound familiar?  As a gesture of kindness I thought I would share a simple yet effective remedy that can help lift your spirits out of cranky-pants land and get you back on the road to recovery.  Egg + Soldiers.  Classic, for sure, but oh-so good!  Running egg, buttered toast – it has magical powers!  You take two eggs and place them in a saucepan of cold water so that they are submerged.  (If they don’t submerge and float on top of the water – throw those puppies out – those eggs are rotten!)  Once the water comes to the boil, turn the heat down so they are bubbling softly and set your timer for 3minutes.  Stick your toast in the toaster, and once done, butter and slice finely into soldiers.  At the end of 3 minutes pull your egg out and place in an egg cup, slice the top off, salt and pepper and then dunk your soldiers into your egg.  Repeat, as required.  And I really hope you are feeling better soon…


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