Gold Coast Wedding Photography – Daniel + Tiffany

April 27th, 2012

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get this post together.  We have been battling a slow, downright prehistoric, site followed by what can only be described as a battle of the internet wills to get our blog back to its usual light and bouncy self.  The things you have to do!  Seriously!  Geez!  I know a few people out there are very keen to see these photos so my frustration has been bubbling away, just on boiling point, as I wait and wait and WAIT on hold to get the problem solved.  However here we are and here is, Daniel and Tiffany.  This wedding – well, ladies and gentlemen – let me say that this wedding had it all.  A beautiful stylish couple blissfully in love.  A fun loving bridal party ready to share the day.  An amazing vintage car to get the bride to the church, on time.  Wonderful friends and family wishing the couple well.  Lovely drinks and canapes harbour side at the bride’s family home.  A beautiful boat to deliver the bride and groom to the reception.  Great food and wine – and some crazy, fun times getting down on the dance floor.  What more could you want?  Nothing you might say but you know what?  The icing on this cake is that not only do you have the best wedding day EVER but you are embarking on a long and loving life with your new spouse.  Even though your wedding day is so much fun you can hardly stand it – the best present you receive at the end of the day is the knowledge that you are starting your life together with your lover, your best friend, your soulmate.  Congratulations Daniel and Tiffany.


Makeup Master – Winged Eyeliner

April 26th, 2012

If you have only just ‘tuned in’, we have been doing three different bridal looks with our lovely and talented MakeupMaster, Bruce Rehbein.  The first two in the series were the smokey eye and the bright lip.  This is the last post on our MakeupMaster series and probably the look most brides would go with as it is very natural and flattering with just a hint of sexiness.  Perfect for a wedding I hear you say!  Our lovely bride-to-be, Nicole looks so amazing – stylish and sophisticated.  A real lady of a bygone era!  I have to say that winged eyeliner is one of the looks I fail at time and time again.  It requires a steady hand and a good eye – and given that I can’t draw a straight line to save myself – is it any wonder I fail?  But Bruce gave me some tips which can make even the most useless makeup person (ahem, me!) able to achieve this look with a minimum amount of fuss and skill.  Again Bruce started with the eye makeup first before any foundation – he did apply some primer though just to give the makeup some grip.  He then prepped the eye with a very matte neutral shadow.  This offers a good canvas for the eyeliner and stops it from moving about – no one wants their eyeliner moving about, trust me – panda eyes now way!  Now for the liner.  When Bruce started the liner he used a pencil first to get the shape and length right.  Everyone’s eye shape is different so you need to work out where to start the wing and where to end it.  If you use pencil initially, it makes it much is easier to remove and apply and re-apply till you get it right. Once you are happy with the shape and length then apply your gel liner.

This stuff is pretty permanent and will last all day and night – it will even last through tears!  It is a really great product – better when it is applied with a small angled brush and,  even better when applied with a steady hand.  Bruce says that practice makes perfect (which is true for all makeup application) so don’t give up if you don’t get it perfect first go.  He also suggested for you to start thin and to build it up – that way you are less likely to make a big, hard-to-correct mistake.  Once you have your eyeliner the way you want it, then apply your false eyelashes and reapply a little more eyeliner to blend in the lash line.  Don’t forget a quick curl of your lashes and a few coats of mascara.

Your face can look a little bare with just black eyeliner and neutral shadow so once Bruce applied the foundation he added a dewy, cream blush in the colour Flaunt.  It was almost like he was polishing it into the skin.  I totally love this product – it really adds a ‘lit up from inside’ look – and takes the phrase ‘blushing bride’ to a whole new level.  To finish off the look, the lipstick was kept neutral so the dramatic winged eyeliner remain the main feature.

It is such a great Audrey Hepburn statement – the winged eyeliner – and with a little practice we can all have our breakfast at Tiffany’s!  I just wanted to say thank you again to all of our lovely bride-to-be for allowing us to make them over how we wanted (sometimes totally out of their comfort zones) and for letting us blog about them here, and a massive HUGE thank you to Bruce – you truly are a MakeupMaster!!!


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