Chris + Leona

August 22nd, 2011

When two worlds collide…you  gotta love it when that happens.  Leona has been a client of ours for, like, forever.  Jason has been seeing her regularly, shooting for the company she works with, for probably five or more years.  When she got engaged we were so happy to be her photographer – actually we kind of stalked her, bugging her to pick us – I mean, it was the least we could do!  Finally she came around (it must have been Jason’s rugged, good looks and my outlandish charm that won her over! Bah!) and now when she calls for work, we have been chatting about work, of course, but also about dresses and all her plans for the day.  So much so that I was super excited to see how everything panned out – to see how what we had been talking about all came together.  It was such a beautiful wedding.  Congratulations Leona and Chris – and thank you for letting us collide with you!  (Even if we did kind of bully you into it!)

My goodness it was a beautiful day!!

Capital C

August 18th, 2011

I haven’t actually seen Jason in a while.  He has been travelling like crazy around Australia taking shots for a commercial client.  He took these (for want of a better word) haunting photos from Canberra and it reminded me of the first time we went there together.  It was freezing (of course) and heaps of fun – I was actually surprised that you could have fun in Canberra – I mean, it does have a pretty bad rap, doesn’t it?  One of the things that stands out for me from that trip was Silo Bakery and the truly amazing bread they make.  It is some of the best, tangy sourdough bread I have ever eaten.  I remember we had to wait outside for a very long while in the unbelievably freezing weather to get a seat but seriously – it was so worth it.  Between you and me, I have always held this crazy dream of becoming a baker and it is bread like this that I want to make.  Lucky for me Jason remembered the bread too and managed to squeeze in a quick visit to deliver to me a beautiful, rustic, still-warm loaf upon his arrival – how romantic!

I don’t know about you but I’m taking from these photos that maybe, just maybe, Jason was feeling a little displaced and alone.  Travelling for work can sometimes do that to you, hey?



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