July 21st, 2011

The story is as old as the sun…boy meets girl, they fall in love, they get married…

They live happily ever after…and then baby comes along, an addition to their family and proof of their love.

As photographers we feel honoured to capture these moments as one becomes two, two becomes three, and three, four.  With Shikira and Kosta and little Amelia it was an absolute pleasure – so often with couples we only get to see them just after their wedding – so it is wonderful to be able to reconnect and meet the newest member of their family.

It is great to see how things change – Kosta is now the owner of the hair salon, Willow on Oxlade Drive in New Farm – which is seriously good for a great cut and colour, a Friday night blowout or an amazing bridal hair creation.  I will be doing another post on Willow soon so keep your eyes open!


July 19th, 2011

Many of you may not know this about me but I am addicted to cheesecake.  It is one of those addictions that allows me to function fully in my everyday life and almost everyone I know would be none the wiser that I have this serious problem.  I am lucky that there are no outward signs, no trembling hands, no dilated pupils, no incoherent speech.  But, trust me, it is a very real and dangerous addiction.  Mark my words.  It started with the cookie-cutter cheesecakes of my youth – all loud with cream cheese, lemon, sour cream and almost unbreakable biscuit base.  These cheesecakes – they took no prisioners.  I was a goner from the first bite.  Like a moth to a flame, as my taste developed so too did my need for more adventure – the addition of sour cream, a ginger nut base, fruit or chocolate adornment – nothing could stop me.  Scanning menus at restaurants, peering into glass cabinets – I was the one who would suggest dessert, offering to share without really meaning it, I would bully my companion – just order the cheesecake, I would say.  “You’re allergic to dairy?  Oh well, more for me.”  Like all addictions, it crept up on me.  Soon I was driving kilometres out of my way to have that great cheesecake, almost weeping if it wasn’t available.  Sometime during the 90s I made a break – I’m not sure how but now it is back with a vengeance.  I blame this wholly on Pearl Cafe in Woolloongabba.  Their cheesecake – whoa nelly – is it good!  Smooth, light, not too rich, room temperature, soft crispy base – it is, hands down, the best cheesecake I have ever eaten.  And I have eaten A LOT.  It has become my Friday treat – a slice of this amazing cheesecake and a Genovese coffee – what a way to start the weekend!!  I have been scouring the earth for a recipe that comes close to the beauty of this cheesecake and I think I have it nailed.  I am hoping, praying, that by making it myself my laziness will manage to curb my addiction.  I know what you are thinking – I am just fooling myself.  Tis true.


Packet of good quality Anzac biscuits or 20 homemade ones

Melted butter

550gms fresh ricotta

750gms cream cheese (that is 3 x 250 grams packets)

1 cup caster sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 160 degrees celsius.  Line the base of a 24cm spring form pan with baking paper.  Process Anzac biscuits until crumbs.  Pour into a bowl and add melted butter till they loosely come together.  Tip into spring form pan and press down evenly around the base.  Make sure you don’t press down too much or you won’t be able to cut your cake.  Use an electric mixer to beat the ricotta, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and eggs until combined.  Pour mixture into the spring form pan and smooth the top with a spoon.  Bake in oven for 1 hour and 20 minutes or until just set and lightly golden on top.  Cool then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 – 5 hours.  Take out cake and allow to come to room temperature.  I served this with strawberries because, um, well that is another addiction.

Let me know what you think?  Do you have a recipe that beats all others?  Am I the only addict out there?  Whose in for forming a support group???  We could meet over a piece of cheesecake…oh no, I guess that would be a bad idea huh?


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