Brisbane Engagement Portrait – Tim + Jacqui (and Tiger)

February 28th, 2011

I am always a fan of people who love their dogs.  Being a dog owner myself I understand the true devotion an animal can bestow on you and the selfless love you give them in return.  Be it walking them in the pouring rain, picking up their business on the walk, washing the oh-so-vile stench of some dead thing they have just rolled in and through all this you still think that your dog it the cutest and most adorable thing you have ever seen.  (All my cat readers can just interchange dog with cat – you guys know what I am talking about!)  Don’t believe me, just look up “cute dog” in You Tube and there are 252,000 examples.  We pet people are a crazy breed, so when Jacqui suggested they do their engagement portrait with their adorable dog Tiger how could we refuse???  I mean – what a cutie!!!  Oh and Tim and Jacqui, you guys scrub up alright too!


Winner Announcement of Classics Competition – Ipod Shuffles

February 28th, 2011

I would like to add that the dog rolled in something very stinky prior to the making of this video.  Like a true professional, she ignored her own comfort (which is questionable given that dogs love stinky smells and she does look rather proud of herself) and she ignored the comfort of others (namely me cause Jason was far enough away to miss the stench), and she rose above it all to come through with the goods.   At all costs the show must go on!!!


Congratulations Suzanne Shelton – we will be in touch shortly!


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