Brisbane Wedding Photography – A Rainy Day Wedding – Lachlan + Juliet

October 30th, 2010

While I was at the Bridal Expo recently and it was pouring buckets down outside many of the brides-to-be that stopped by were concerned that it could be raining on their wedding day.  Other than the fact that it is good luck, Jason LOVES to shoot in the rain.  It generates so much more atmosphere (billowy clouds, wind and all that), the light levels are low and gorgeous and it gives the couple even more reason to cuddle up and get close.  Just to prove a point, our lovely couple Lachlan and Juliet were one of those couples out in the blowing gale that was the weather that weekend and look at their photos – I mean how gorgeous are they!

The Scent of a Man

October 30th, 2010

Do you have a hard time buying presents for your mans?  I do.  Most presents for Jason require a major outlay and knowledge of a subject matter that is far beyond me (bikes and cameras – I mean how hard is that!).  I buy him clothes all the time (mainly because he trashes everything and wears his good clothes to fix his bike and work on the house) and, in his eyes, they don’t really count as a real present.  One of the things that is always a great standby is aftershave.  Problem is Jason doesn’t wear any.  Mind you now that I have found this great cool brand maybe he will give it a go.  The Portland General Store (another great Etsy find) makes this wicked masculine cologne that looks amazing.   The packaging is very old school and I love the names – tobacco, whiskey no. 006 and professor no. 009 – very Grizzly Adams.  I haven’t smelt any of them yet but am seriously contemplating it as a Christmas present – way more affordable than a Tokyo Bike don’t you think?  But then again what will make me more popular?? (We know what you boys will say.)


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