Brisbane Wedding Photography – Anthony + Amber

August 31st, 2010

My girlfriend Natalie got married on election night.  They had been trying to figure it out for the last few months on the lead up to the election and were just devastated when they realised that it would be on their wedding day.  It probably didn’t help that everyone in the room was either a public servant or political advisor.  Almost all of the wedding at some stage or another were outside watching the television.  You can imagine how upsetting that would be for a bride!  I’m sensing from these photos that Amber and Anthony didn’t really mind about the election.  It was one of those great spring days with that lovely crisp air and bright white sunshine.  Jason shot the reception and when got home he had no idea what was going on with the election.  Seems Amber, Anthony and all of their guests were just having so much fun they didn’t bother to find out.  I mean who really cares if we don’t have a Prime Minister yet?

Breaking the Rules

August 24th, 2010

I am slowly realising that I approach the shape of each outfit in the same way – baggy on top, sleek on bottom or baggy on bottom , sleek on top – and it kind of traps me into looking the same all the time.  However this outfit is a bit different in the sense that it is baggy both top and bottom (well at least until you hit the ankles) and I think it looks great.  Perhaps this has something to do with the transparency of the top and the fact the fabric is very light and sheer.  I often do cream and khaki tones together  but am keen to try mixing cool colours like grey and pale blue with these pants to again do something different.  And I am also calling out the comeback of camel and red (with accents of gold) from the 80s – I promise you it is coming back BIG TIME!

The beautiful top is a gift from some friends from Jason’s intense and crazy boxing class that I have been too frightened to try.  Meredith’s shop is called Islands of the Heavenly Sea so check it out.  Thanks Meredith and Erin – I promise I will do a class one day!  (If you are interested in getting seriously fit, check out the timetable at Sweat Depot.  It would be perfect for you brides keen to get in shape before the wedding.)


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